Hello greetings, this time I want to give an article about the world of the blockchain, Most of the world of cryptocurrency technology such as Bitcoin relies on the form of a database with the advantage of being able to track large and safe transaction volumes. The technology used by many digital currencies is Blockchain.

Blockchain was first implemented in 2009 and was revolutionized with Blockchain 2.0 in 2014. Blockchain technology consists of blocks that accommodate transactions, where each block is interlinked through cryptography, forming a network.

Along with the development of the digital universe, cryptocurrency in the future has become an increasingly attractive proposition on the market and may not have traditional banking infrastructure. Some developing countries in the world have even implemented national currencies based on Blockchain, like Bitcoin, and the technology is also used by several large charity projects to help those who do not have bank accounts.

In today’s technological era, progress is no longer being avoided, now a new breakthrough comes from HETACHAIN, HetaChain is an advanced, high-performance blockchain 3.0 built with industrial scale computational capabilities that allows users to deploy decentralized applications devoid of censorship, fraud, downtime or third party incurred costs. It’s laden with the ability to operate on a full commercial basis focussed on ushering the world into the next Industrial Revolution 4.0.Investing in the future development of blockchain technologies
Committed to building a world-class internet infrastructure for Web 3.0 revolution is successively herding the next 4th industrial revolution, HetaChain has committed to investing in the future development of the block technologies facilitating the development of people’s lives better and smarter.

Global Reach
HetaChain’s unrivaled uniqueness is accessible by everyone from any corner of the world, offering the next generation of transformative technologies to the global economies.

Business Optimization
HetaChain’s development of an ecosystem that acts as a hub to the portfolio of companies to smartly unleash their potential through its state of the art technological outputs, offering rich expertise and insights for real-time decision making.

HetaChain has connected founders in all markets with local investors thanks to our strategic partners with worldwide venture leaders.

We introduce HETA, internal crypto-currency to use inside MainChain. HETA is used by Enterprise/user (who uses the Heta Blockchain service) to pay “usage fee”.

We propose these ways of using HetaCoin.

• When a user creates a transaction to exchange their coins or tokens made by Heta, he must pay a pre-defined amount of HetaCoin. This is also called Transaction Fee. This mandatory fee is what makes HetaCoin add real
value to the system. It also prevents merchants from flooding the network with unlimited microtransactions.

• When a user participates in the consensus/validation process of a PrivateChain or MainChain, he should be rewarded with a certain amount of HETA. This is also called Endorsing Reward. The rate of consensus reward should depend on how much effort the participant spends in the process.

WEBSITE : https://www.heta.org
Whitepaper: https://heta.org/docs/HetaChain_whitepaper_en-ver-1.0.pdf
MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@hetachain_blog
REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/user/hetachain
STEEMIT : https://steemit.com/@hetachain
BOUNTY : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032045.0
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/hetachain
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/hetachain
LINKEDIN : https://www.linkedin.com/company/hetachain-network/


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