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Hello my dear friends.I want this review to Shine a technological project called HEXCASH. Perhaps you are interested in why this project has attracted my attention?Well, let's discuss the basic idea of the project in order, consider the ICO, and draw conclusions about the feasibility of investing in this project.And so from year to year there is a huge increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. And it's not easy, many perceive it as an additional source of income, someone interested in technology.Young investors making their first steps in the crypto world, form their first investment portfolios. As you know, investments always understand certain risks. And not everyone can choose the moment to implement a successful purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.And in the end, with a loss, people come out with crypto-exchanges.And here for the solution including this problem, the enterprising group of highly qualified specialists, the HEXCASH project was developed.At its core, HEXCASH is a kind of platform, in other words, an analogue of the trust Fund.
HexCash is a decentralized cryptocurrency funds management program. HexCash eliminates the problem of lack of reliability that exists between investors and management software tools.

Blockchain-Ethereum system as the basis. HexCash is created and deployed in the Ethereum blockchain system, which is the industry standard for all cryptocurrency financial programs.
ER20 standard token. ERC 20 is a standard of tokens for smart contracts, which provides unprecedented security of funds invested through HexCash.
Based on smart contracts the remuneration system and the cryptocurrency exchange HODL. Control system means HexCash is programmed to bring you profit, as long as you keep the tokens HexCash in the public blockchain system.
Developing HexCash, the team ensures that the processes designed for the management of funds, we did not use any centralized functions. The achievement of this goal was facilitated by the use of a standard ER20 provided by Ethereum. The funds invested in the HexCash system remain under your control based on the primary contract launched at the time of purchase.
The team offers affiliate bonuses to those who participate in the promotion and presentation of HexCash the world. Affiliate bonuses you can receive when committing members buy tokens. There are five levels of referral bonuses. The creators invite world leaders to participate in The hexcash referral program to have an advantage over other investors. This is an additional channel of economic profit provided by HexCash.
Any registered user can participate in this program. In the user control panel there is a referral section where the user can get his referral link. Every time a new user registers for HexCash using a referral link, the owner of that link is instantly eligible for a 7% bonus

The team will work with hot and cold wallets to ensure that most of the investors ' money will be in secure cold multi-signature wallets in case of a hack. Two-factor authentication will be required for all users.The team respects the privacy of users, and the only personalizing details required from you will be your wallet address and email address. Remember that if you participate in the referral program, there may be other users who will have access to your e-mail, it is recommended to use a separate or dedicated email address for this site, and for most other cryptocurrency sites.
It's time to tell you about the main points of the ICO

Token: HEX
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 33,000,000 HEX
Price: 1 HEX = 1 USD
ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, etc.
Quantity: 4,000,000 HEX
Beginning: 09.05.2018
Completion: 16.05.2018
1 HEX - $ 0.25

Quantity: 6,000,000 HEX
Beginning: 17.05.2018
Completion: 15.06.2018
may 17-1 HEX - 0,5 USD
from 22 may to 1 HEX - 0,6 USD
from may 27 1 HEX-0,7 USD
from 01 June 1 HEX-0,8 USD
from June 06 1 HEX-0,9 USD
since June 10, 1 HEX-1 USD
To sum up, the project is unique and technological. At the moment there are no analogues.This project will allow the population to get additional return on investment.The project has a very strong team, and there is a significant interest of investors.Therefore, the project has a high investment potential.The project has high ratings, leading rating crypto agencies and sites.

More information you can find at:
White paper: https://www.hexcash.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/hexcash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hexcashofficial

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1725951

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