Titanic lost in ocean

imageIt’s not cool to do a Titanic selfie. You know, that sweeping shot of Rose and Jack at the bow, she with arms outstretched, he every bit the lover in control behind her.

For years, it’s been a favoured pose for couples, going by social media timelines, but much to my relief, some of the selfie-crazed people I asked think it a terrible cliché. “Never!” says one 26-year-old, who has not watched the movie. “All I can think of now is that Celine Dion song.”

Who can blame her? Certainly not those who watched the movie on then big screen when it was released worldwide in 1997. Although the song never played in the movie, Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’ had started playing in cassette tapes across the world even before the movie came out.

It topped every music chart in the UK and US and won countless awards. Just as the movie did. I agree with the 26-year-old that the song made James Cameron’s 190-minute-long, extravagant pop classic even more insufferable.

Titanic is one of those irritating pop-culture landmarks. When it first came out and became a blockbuster all over the world, we in India marvelled. So Bollywood, we smirked.

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