A great love story between Akhenaton & Nefertari(قصة حب اخناتون و نفرتيتى)Великая история любви между Эхнатоном

A great love story between Akhenaton & Nefertari
Amenhotep IV known to us as Akhenaton, who participated during the rule of the country for ten years .. To become the king of the country.
But what his strong mother, Queen T, and his beloved Nefertari was worried about was the new, holy view that looked out of his eyes. The one God's view of the sun and its light and heat rays were for the three of them like the highest of life.
The initial problem, as Winfred Holmes said to Amenhotep, was his marriage.
Tradition required him to marry his sister, Sat Amun, the great royal heir, but Nefertiti was the one he loved and trusted. She wanted him to be as happy as she was about marrying his father, that marriage that had been based on love. She had also seen in Nefertiti the fulfillment that her son would need to keep him steadfast as he walked through the hard revolutionary path and religious reform.
But Akhenaten had fallen into his confusion in Nefertiti's love, and the time had come to the problem of the passing of Sat Amun to the other world.
So the boy and the girl who had been together for a long time were playing together a husband and wife and replaced with their clothes, where they did not wear formal clothes and covered their black hair in front of people with their names and headscarves that symbolized their semi-divine status. They left their small boat made of papyrus, In the royal vessel called Aton, which shimmered over the waters of the palace pond and was run by the slaves.
The beautiful beauty of his wife and the beauty of her eyes, which shine happy, did not feel ashamed when he holds her hand or accept it, or he touches her and shows his love for the whole world.
Her hair was cut very short according to the fashion of the times, and gives a beautiful comb with two rows of teeth, if it was preparing to appear on an official occasion, it was covered with a long royal cap in blue and red, topped by the head of the living lady of life to protect, while flying behind the red ribbons to indicate On her royal status, and when she had finished everything, she was brought to Ekhnaton for breakfast, and the nannies brought the children to show them and play them.
And then the role of their appearance in front of the people from a special window, where the sun would shine in the splendor and make their gold and jewelry sparkling, and Akhenaten throw flowers and gold contracts to loyal followers standing under the window and this gold still comes from the tribute of the remote parts of his empire.
Akhenaten and Nefertiti woke up every day with a song of praise. They sang in silence so that they would wake up thin. Then they would be separated. Then he would go to his own dwelling. She went to her private room in the harem suite to wash and decorate each other. Nefertiti's maids first washed her body with scented water and then rubbed her shiny olive skin with perfumed oils preserved in great value. If she was preparing to go to a special ceremony or feast, she would sit next to a sandalwood fire, All their bodies.
She wore her red and pink henna with her hands and feet, and when she drew, she wore her almost transparent white linen, which tightened at the waist. She then put her beautiful slipper on her feet and then held her brass mirror made of polished brass from her hand made of carved ivory. Her eyebrows are covered with a pair of fine tweezers, and then her eyes are covered with kohl, which is a black dye. The police work at the outer corner of each eye, curl her eyelids and put a little bit of kohl under the eyelids to protect the eye from the glare of the sun and dust from the desert.And then become ready to wear her jewelry necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that were brought by the lady supervising the royal wardrobes to choose from them as she likes.
Beauty Nefertiti has become a legend because people were gathering in groups to see her wherever she went with her husband.
It was Isis the mother herself bone, came to earth embodied in the image of a girl, was the flower contracts received at the feet of small, and the most beautiful girls poured the rare perfume on her head and the contract of the contract made of pieces in the form of flowers and jeweled stones that surrounded her body.
Their love for each other was as great as the sun in the afternoon, so what should I hide behind an artificial mask of royal tradition.
Aton, who created the world alone, loved the life in which he deposited it. Therefore, all aspects of that life are holy things, plants, flowers, animals, birds, insects, and people. For all that, the young king would not allow him to work with statues that adorned him, and must be depicted by sculptors and photographers with his sloping shoulders, long legs, rectangular chin, bones and two prominent cheeks.
He was the son of Aton the chosen, and here should be rejoiced by Aton as he was the joy of Bakton. It was Nefertiti too, and she would not be allowed to make false statues in order to flatter her too, but there was no need for it. It was much more beautiful than any artist trying to do anything more than she really was!

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