Horizen (ZEN), Formally ZenCash, Partners Students For Liberty (SFL) On Cryptocurrency Adoption

In a bid to increase the awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in our society, Horizen (ZEN), which was formally ZenCash, has announced it partnered with Students For Liberty (SFL), a libertarian community of students across the globe.

The collaboration, according to an announcement by Students For Liberty (SFL), will increase the adoption of cryptocurrency in the society especially among libertarians who feel privacy is paramount in the society.

The partnership with Horizen will increase awareness on cryptocurrency especially among students and will also allow them to meet like-minded individuals who will be teaching them the rudiments of cryptocurrencies.

To the libertarians, cryptocurrency is beyond blockchain it is the beginning of freedom, and so, it is necessary to bring in the information necessary to emancipate the society through Horizen.

Horizen is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency designed to be used for payments and messaging that can be public, private, or anonymous. Horizen is also community led, so individuals are incentivized to cooperate, instead of speculate.

Through the help of Horizen, Students For Liberty will be able to organize campus meetups where interesting discourse on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are going to be shared.

In the same line, Horizen (ZEN) will forward $5 USD of ZEN to participants’ ZEN wallets, share cups, T-shirts, stickers and laptop camera covers.

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