Robert Viglione HORIZEN CEO Interview

@0:20 Impression of Robert Viglione about Ukraine and Ukrainian crypto community.
@1:11 Horizen plans to expand its presence in Ukraine. Ukrainian partners of Horizen.
@2:03 Why did ZenCash rebrending happen? What are the results?
@3:09 About the previous ZenCash logo and the new Horizen logo.
@5:43 Ukraine is a number three country in terms of ZenCash nodes.
@6:14 What new projects are Horizen planning to launch?
@8:09 Data monetization – the technology of the future. How does it work?
@9:13 Blockchain alternative to social networks and online stores.
@11:39 Impression of Robert Viglione about the Blockchain worldwide trends.
@12:55 Why the Austrian School of Economics is important for cryptocurrency world in general. Books recommendations by Robert Viglione.
@ 16:51 Be humble! – Valuable advice of Robert Viglione.
@ 17:11 What book is Robert Viglione reading now?
@ 17:56 About the famoust economists. Ludwig Von Mises was born in Lviv, Ukraine.
@ 19:01 The main books that influenced the economic ideas of Robert Viglione.
@ 20:30 The boom in the book publishing on IT and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine.
@ 21:17 Philosophical thoughts about the trade barriers.
@ 22:54 The idea to adapt new technologies and AI in the legal area in Ukraine.
@ 24:32 The Free city project by Paul Romer.
@ 25:14 NGOs are more effective than the other institutes of state power in Ukraine.
@ 25:56 An important function of Blockchain is the separation of money from the state.
@ 27:29 Token might be recognized as an analogy of share.
@ 28:01 Milton Friedman’s idea of investing in education, how it works in the United States.
@ 29:45 How much cryptocurrencies does Robert Viglione own?
@ 30:09 Horizen has a big number of nodes, even more than Bitcoin.
@ 30:50 The plans of Robert Viglione for future. The next steps for the development of Horizen.

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