High, speed, fixed and wireless Internet: HORIZON

Horizon Communications is a rapid Internet specialist co-op that uses Blockchain.

What is Horizon Communications?

Horizon Communications is an upcoming fixed wireless internet and cellular service provider looking to provide services in Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Central America before expanding internationally. While utilizing 4th generation and soon 5th generation wireless technology, it will also heavily incorporate blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, one of the 1st ISP’s in the world to do so and the 1st to tokenize their services using an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Cryptocurrency Crowdsale:
Horizon is also one of the first companies, internationally, to offer a cryptocurrency crowdsale which will allow people in Bermuda and internationally to partake in a success of the company, Horizon said. Horizon will be holding live in person seminars on a regular basis that will be announced through social media and through traditional media outlets, so that people can learn about Horizon and its services as well as learn on how to partake in the crowd sale.

Which areas will Horizon will utilize blockchain technology?

  • Payments:  Accepting payments from customers in cryptocurrency, at a discounted rate compared to fiat currency, so as to help further crypto penetration and acceptance
  • Payroll :  Paying our employees and contractors in crypto
  • Data Storage : Integrate blockchain technology like Storj or Filecoin into our customer portals to give customers a decentralized file storage solution that is encrypted
  • VPN Services :  Working with blockchain VPN solutions like Mysterium or Privatix so that customers have VPN solutions built into their internet service
  • Re-invest into the Crypto Community : Horizon aims to re-invest the recommended earnings, under financial advice, into blockchain companies and ICO’s that Horizon finds will benefit the company and token buyers.

The technology Horizon uses allows the company to remain efficient, keep staffing needs at a fraction of the competition and be extremely competitive and forward thinking in our markets. Horizon Intends to have full exclusive rights to this technology in our target markets, as Horizon continues working with our vendors. This gives Horizon a unique advantage to deploy this cost effective network at a price point much lower than was previously possible.

Hоrizоn Communications iѕ uѕing 4G LTE tесhnоlоgу to рrоvidе Fixed High Sрееd Intеrnеt access, bу dерlоуing 4G LTE-Advanced Sоftwаrе Defined Rаdiо (SDR) еԛuiрmеnt bу wау оf Cаrriеr Grаdе frоnt-hаul Rеmоtе Rаdiо Hеаdѕ аnd LTE Bаѕеѕtаtiоnѕ.
4G LTE Technology has a strong hiѕtоrу:

  • 3GPP Stаndаrdѕ bаѕеd fоr 4G LTE-Advаnсеd
  • Technology uѕеd thrоughоut thе world fоr оvеr 15 уеаrѕ
  • Ovеr 7.2 billion wirеlеѕѕ соnnесtiоnѕ utilize thе 3rd Generation Pаrtnеrѕhiр (3GPP) ѕtаndаrdѕ
  • Ovеr 1.5 billiоn 4G LTE соnnесtiоnѕ throughout the world
  • 3GPP Rеlеаѕе 13 (Rel-13) furthеr advances 4G LTE tоwаrdѕ thе 5G ѕtаndаrd.

Token details:

As an ecosystem operating on the dogma of the Blockchain technology, the platform will be powered through the mechanism of the token system. The token that will be employed to enter into business and transact relatively will be the Horizon (HRZN)token. It is a complete and compatible ERC-20 utility token through which smart contract is generated and sustained. It is meant for anyone that wants to benefit from the value induced by a world class service company. Horizon tokens are easily convertible between token holders using harmoniousERC20 wallets and can be traded on exchange(s).The diagram below provides a summary of the ICO.

Profit Potential and Token Dividend Potential for Horizon:

Horizon have identified 6 strong markets (Bermuda, BVI and 4 other countries), that for competitive reasons Horizon want to keep under wraps. Horizon will be deploying into those locations between late 2018 and 2020 as a part of our rollout plan.

Horizon Communications will be a high speed Internet Service Provider (ISP), headquartered in Bermuda. We will utilize LTE fixed wireless for last-mile delivery to end users.


Follow links to get more info about a project:

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1287882]

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