The need for efficiency, time management and resource utilization has not been craved at any point in time, other than now. It's the 21st century and everyone requires service that will be of full time value to them, as well as easing up their daily activities, of which the financial aspect is not left out, as a matter of fact, it is at the center. The presence of digital currency and market trading has brought a new face to the financial industry, however it's not devoid of its own challenges which can range from: high fees from intermediaries, lack of trust in crypto market, poor linkage between cryptocurrency and regular market system, sad inability to convert cryptocurrency into regular financial security- this leads to more loss and scares investors away, this and a few others are common issues with the digital currency world and regular market trading solutions.

Thus, having a platform that creates effective and efficient methods of linking and trading financial instruments is much embraced as Ingot seeks to meet that solution.


Ingot is based on blockchain technology using smart contracts, in utilizing and creating a link between cryptocurrency and regular market trading solution allowing users and market participants meet their financial needs easily, effectively utilizing its coin in the trading platform it aims at creating a unique solution to the challenges of managing both digital assets and traditional assets.

However, In order to effectively link up the crypto world and the traditional market, Ingot Coin (IC), has a planned ecosystem that will utilize 6 focal components. Which are:

IC Wallet; This serves as the storeroom for cryptocurrencies in the Ecosystem, it enables users to secure, receive and send available market cryptocurrency, from their wallet. This wallet is structured on a strong security platform to give confidence and ease of operation.

IC Exchange; Through its integration with other IC components, it seeks to diversify market systems as it enables IC to be listed among Other cryptocurrencies and fiats there giving investors more options to diversify their portfolio.

IC Brokerage; This will help trade stiffness and create market flexibility for users, it is a standpoint that facilitates easy cash, conversions to fiat, effective market bargain and getting easy access to other cryptocurrencies. Ownership of IC, gives an upper edge to users in financial guidance in both cryptocurrency and traditional market systems.

IC Digital Bank; This will unite all the financial activities involved, it will provide a constant well-programmed processing web-based service to its participants offering services that concern online transactions, also allowing users to open various accounts spanning from current to brokerage accounts. Moreso, the bank is at stakeholders interest as it offers funds managements and supporting trading activities all geared up towards low fees of users.

IC Crypto Certifier; This is a step towards educating interested individuals in the world of digital trading cryptocurrencies and how to effectively link to the traditional market solution. Its courses will shape its participants into becoming leading resource and power stacks in the growing and challenging world of cryptocurrency and trading. Indeed this is a revolutionary platform.

IC ICO Accelerator; This will break barriers for emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs in the digital trading world, allowing room for new ideas and innovation. It more like an organization that will guide these users to further expand the world of crypto in creating solutions to world problems through its effective operations which they will be trained on, in aspects such as marketing, P.R strategy, whitepaper development, token pricing, and listing strategy, to mention but a few.

All these components will effectively play out in linking digital cryptocurrencies with traditional and existing market trading solutions, to create an efficient use of cryptocurrency in meeting financial challenges and solving problems.

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