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Humancoin is the revolutionary peer platform built with use of technologies of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Humancoin will contain in itself charity, electronic commerce and earlier mentioned technologies. This platform essentially differs from other platforms for charity. Instead of accepting tokens of HUMA as donation and to transfer them to funds the Humancoin platform actually awards the community with tokens for participation in charity. What do I mean? The point is that after the user has made donation whether it be fiatny money or the cryptocurrency he will receive HUMA tokens in proportion to the donation at the rate of the 2nd to exchange.

I have decided to acquaint you with additional aspects of the project which I haven't mentioned in the first article and also to acquaint with team of the project.
I won't go into technical details as everything has been described in the first article for those who didn't read I advise to read and in brief I will tell that the Humancoin project is quite successfully constructed project in the sphere of charity in which the technology a blockchain has been applied.
Sowing and having analysed I have understood that Humancoin fights along with other problems as well against a mediation problem. The set of different charity foundations exists and most of them do very good deed and their name is a guarantor of safety of your means the set of funds opens every day worldwide, it is unconditional very well does life of some people better.

But also exist also malefactors who being covered with good intentions and occupation charity commit crimes on plunder of money at people who have offered in their fund. Humancoin completely solves this problem as people will be able to donate for charity directly.

In fact Humancoin will be the platform which will unite people doing charity work, charity foundations, partners in the form of businessmen worldwide and also people of persons in need in charities on one platform.

In other words Humancoin is the huge aggregator of charity programs.
Applications for all types of smartphones and tablets will be created that you could donate for charity by the most convenient for you in the way in several clicks, on it projects which need charity to you will be collected and divided on categories it will only be necessary to refill the balance in the application and to choose a charitable campaign necessary to you.
Also Humancoin enters absolutely new concept "Proof of Charity". His essence consists that in process the token of a sale will be issued not so many tokens and persons interested to participate after ICO will be much and for the different sums therefore the smart contract Humancoin is adjusted so on everything the funds raised later ICO on the Humancoin P2P platform will be released additional tokens but at once I will make a reservation that new tokens will be created only under needs of new patrons not for what others any more. Interesting the fact that 50% of the offered means will be returned to the patron in project tokens according to an exchange rate of a token. This concept will help to attract some partners and to scale the project thereby supporting an internal token.

Let's pass it to team of the project we are quite skilled and ambitious people of their CEO Giles Gailer has experience of conducting the international business, has excellent management skills, the cryptoenthusiast, takes part in charitable marathons.

Kate Bublik the specialist in digital marketing with wide experience in development of digital strategy and IT. Has an education in the sphere of marketing got in the USA, I worked on marketing a SKYFchain project blockchain

Aravinda Babu - a blockchain the expert with more than 17th summer experience программированияв to the sphere of a cloud computing and a blockchain. I worked with such known brands as Nokia, Motorola, IBM Labs.
Kai Hsia UI the developer in Walmart Labs, worked in the field of electronic commerce
Among the known advayzer is - CryptoJH, David Rippon, Paul Cliffe

Until the end of ICO there was 1 day, at the exchanges the team plans listing after a tokenseyl this quarter and plans to zalistitsya at first on decentralized the IDEX type, same quarter the beta start of the platform is planned, - роадмап quite fast it will be interesting to see to their development

*Information on ICO

Pre-sale: 01/07/18 - 15/08/18
ICO: 15/09/18 - 01/11/18
Token type: ERC20
Designation: HUMA

— Autor: upbit (u=1174618)

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