"Egretia" ICO LIVE.

Hello to all my friends, subscribers and guests of my Golos blog. Today I want to talk about another project that is created more for gamers and people who like computer games.

So, we all know how realistic and exciting are the computer games in the modern world. All this is due to the development of technologies and their implementation. Games are so much in our lives that ardent fans and fans are often willing to pay money, in order to participate in the game, increase their rating, purchase additional artifacts and items that are needed for the game and so on. And if the game is exciting and interesting, then the number of such players will grow with a geometric progression. Now even competitions are held among gamers (e-sports) of various levels, both between clubs and international ones, with a large number of participants. A huge popularity recently acquired games for mobile devices. They cost, as a rule, not expensive, and users often download them, because without a smartphone in modern society - anywhere. In other words, computer games are already a huge industry, which brings its owners a lot of money.

At first glance, it seems that everything in this sphere is good and nothing much needs to be changed. But it is not so. The development of technologies is now so rapid that existing programming languages, for example, have exhausted their resources, however strange it may sound. The most advanced and technological is now considered HTML-5. This is a special programming language for displaying pages of websites on the Internet. It is used by the coolest companies, such as Google, Baidu, Facebook, WeChat. It significantly expands the functionality of the released games, helps to greatly improve the graphics, makes the games as a whole more interesting and exciting for players from all over the world. Nevertheless, and the introduction of only this innovative language, HTML-5 will not be able to solve many problems in the gaming industry.

Egretia is a unique platform, created on the blockchain. Its main goal is to integrate this very programming language HTML-5 with blockchain technology. This will solve the main shortcomings and problems of this programming language, as well as contribute to the rapid development of this industry. The main ones can be considered in more detail:

  • In the computer games and applications industry there are not enough mechanisms for observing copyrights for their protection. Because of this, the authors are short of a huge amount of money, and various scammers use this flaw in their favor.
  • There are no single and secure trading platforms for buying and selling various game assets and artifacts. Where there are many buyers, there are many not only sellers, but also various deceivers and scammers who do not provide those purchases that are paid by the player. And the use in the game industry of blocking technology is undoubtedly a must. After all, it will help to ensure security in the conduct of transactions for purchase and sale, full openness and transparency of all processes, as well as compliance with copyright.

The Egretia project has very strong sides that make it promising and innovative:

  • Egretia platform will provide digital marker Egreten, which in turn will enable integration with games, as well as provide complete security in transactions for the purchase, sale and exchange of items in games.
  • Egretia integrates the world's first complete HTML5 workflow that has been developed independently for the last 4 years.
  • Within the platform itself, a financial lending institution is developing, in which speculative transactions for the exchange of digital currencies and other IT assets are allowed.
  • On the basis of the platform, it is planned to open a trading platform in which all participants will be able to place their goods (game accounts, artifacts, items and other means for players). At the same time, the developers of the platform guarantee the protection of intellectual property rights, using the encryption system and encoding data of the platform participant.

    The project team cooperates with very influential partners and funds that know how to invest money. And this says only one thing - the project is necessary, promising and innovative. Undoubtedly it will be a success and a world recognition.
    I recommend you to participate in the ICO and wish good luck to the team! This is a revolutionary project that will conquer the whole world!

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