BankEx. Proof-of-Asset protocol. ICO LIVE.

Good morning friends, guests and subscribers of my blog Golos. Today I would like to tell you again about the BankEx platform.

Official website BankEx -

BANKEX is a project aimed at creating a single platform with the ability to tokenize assets in their traditional understanding and with the prospect of buying or selling them in the future. In addition, this finteh product, which includes the Bank-As-A-Service, Proof-Of-Asset and Blockchain technology protocols, can offer a completely secure type of trade, exchange or purchase of retail goods: from jewelry to cars or even real estate.

This is a new start-up, which, with the help of smart contracts and block-building technology, is developing ways to digitize real assets. We are used to such popular protocols as Proof Of Work (POW) or Proof Of Stake (POS). However, BankEX uses a new Proof Of Asset (POA) protocol, which translates as a "liquidity protocol". This protocol is designed to increase liquidity (velocity of circulation in money) of assets, by converting it into a token.

This year even Microsoft estimated the full potential of BANKEX and sponsored $ 120,000. for further development, and also provided a reliable platform for cloud hosting.

The project includes more than 40 employees and an impressive staff of advisers, more details can be found here. The main thing that we need to know about them is that they are professionals in their field. These guys received a grant from Microsoft Azure for $ 120,000, were included in the list of top-50 global financial start-ups, defeated several Hachatonas and released several popular work products.
Of course, in order to deploy such a large-scale platform, you need a significant investment. BankEx team successfully completed the presale and now holds the main tokensale.
ICO - November 28, 2017 - December 28, 2017
Token Price: 1 BKX = 0.96 USD (0.00200 ETH)
Minimum stake for investors: 0.1 ETH
Currently ICO is coming. As of December 4, nearly $ 28 million has already been collected.
You can invest in ETH, BTC, LTC, WAVES, SALT, TIME.
Good luck, BankEx!

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