The 21st century witnessed a kind of revolution with the commencement of Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency. At the time of the launch, these things were not taken seriously but scenarios have changed to a good extent today. Global enterprises as well as individuals are observing the potential of Cryptocurrency and the underlying Blockchain Technology. This is all leading us to a new era: An era of Decentralization. An era where the transparency will be the priority. Creative individuals from all over the world are coming up with their innovative start ups which have the potential to revolutionize the world. The financial industry is not left untouched too. The upcoming of Cryptocurrency led to digitization of a variety of assets ranging from hard cash to the ownership of financial instruments and property. Working with crypto trends has become an essential feature of financial markets. Mostly people invest in the financial marketplace to earn profits and secure their future. Cryptocurrencies offer this along with a good freedom and not beti strict rules and regulations as imposed by the traditional financial institutions. The centralized financial institutions have good number of disadvantages which disappoint their customers too like:

Lack of much needed transparency.
Limited control while find transfer
High dependence on the institution.
Limited utilities.
So, the coming of crypto economy improved the scenario to a good extent. But it has also some demerits like:

Cryptocurrency prices are very volatile
Risk management is a hard task for token holders.
Plenty of fraud coins are also available.
Limited liquidity offered by crypto ventures.
The Solution
In order to deal with the challenges faced by crypto economy, Hyperquant came up with a creative and quite practical solution.It is decentralised platform aimed to create financial services visa there usage of Blockchain Technology and Artificial intelligence.If offers the feature of automated investing where an individual can set his/her choices( like coins, risk levels, crypto exchanges etc.) initially in an ecosystem where the further processing will be controlled by AI.

Hyperquant Architecture

The Hyperquant infrastructure includes some important modules which are as follows:

1)Operational Layer : Smart contact realization apparatus
2)Core layer comprising algorithmic trading methodologies.
3)AI layer responsible for platform management via the usage of artificial intelligence strategies
4)Application layer comprising the final services and solutions ready for use

Hyperquant Token Sale

Hyperquant is empowered by its own cryptocurrency named HQT tokens. The usage of HQT tokens ensures transparency and reliability on the platform. HQT tokens are an ERC 20 compliant type running on the Ethereum platform. The fundraising goal of Hyperquant is 41, 143 ETH. The total token supply equals 320,000,000. 45% of the total tokens are available for sale. The ICO started on 1st June 2018 which lasted till 1st July 2018.

Hyperquant Team
The team working behind the development of Hyperquant is an expert one. Pavel Pavchenko is the Chief Executive Officer of the project. Paul Rogov is the Managing Director of the venture.Dmitry Plohov,Alex Jadaev,Andrew Plotnikov,Olga Bystrova and many more are also contributing in project too.

Hyperquant has a very brilliant idea to solve the problems faced by the crypto economy in the today's economy. The solutions provided by Hyperquant are quite advanced utilizing the potential of Blockchain Technology and Artificial intelligence.This will lead to decentralization of financial services and the commencement of automated crypto trading could revolutionize the future economy.The ICO period has got over now. Hopefully, we can see the working model of the project soon.

HyperQuant Website — https://goo.gl/4Jc6yc

Telegram — https://t.me/joinchat/AyLwZkMYopaGJkCck8S3Hw

Medium Blog — https://goo.gl/4zw9y4

YouTube — https://goo.gl/T23qxT

Facebook — http://fb.me/hyperquant.net

Twitter — https://twitter.com/HyperQuant_net

Ann Thread — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0

Whitepaper — https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/


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