HyperQuant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management, and dApps creation based on cutting-edge AI, risk management, blockchain technology, and fast order delivery protocol. It's made by professional quant traders who know the capital management industry inside.

Quant Merchants operate on Quantitative Analysis that involves the development and implementation of complex mathematical models to make decisions about risk management, investment and pricing, and ultimately trade.

All market participants on the HyperQuant platform - from small crypto investors to professional capital managers, VCs and hedge funds - will have access to a wide range of intelligent solutions covering all aspects of crypto investment and the crypto trading process.

HyperQuant developers have created, tested, and are ready to show the world of investments in technologies like the following:

unique smart contract on blockbuster;
automatic trading bots;
intelligent order management;
an intelligent sales assistant;
hedging risk system in crypto currency trading;
system-provider of data on trading in the market;
storage of market data;
system to develop your own trade bot.
It is important that developers not only create many technologies, but are also ready to show how they will be applied. For example, a unique smart contract will not allow investors to trade on emotions and create portfolios with high risk levels. Smart merchant assistants assess the prospect of crypto currency in various indicators and notify merchants if it is unprofitable and risky to invest in a token

The Problem
The infrastructure created by the HyperQuant project developer will not be so valuable if it does not allow the resolution of very important and complex issues.Such as some of the following issues:

#. Lack of cryptology transparency - not all users believe that token trading is safe and open;

#. Lack of control when transferring funds to management - funds today that manage crypto currency investments do not provide assurance that money will reach them;

#. Dependence on investment funds - owners of capital, who transfer money to management, can not influence the manager's decision;

#. A small number of profitable strategies - actions that produce results are known for a long time, and there are no revolutionary things in the market.

HyperQuant solves all these problems. This site allows you to trade through the mobile app and do it safely and transparently. The money invested in HyperQuant remains under the user's control - it can withdraw it at any time. Well, the fact that fund management is done by computers, not people, leads to various asset management, which ordinary people often can not oppose anythin

Advantage of HyperQuant
The main advantage of HyperQuant, because of which developers and plans to win the competition - fully automated investment. This is a very important advantage: it allows to invest money in tokens and generate even people who do not understand anything in the investment. It's enough to set how much you need to get and what risks are acceptable, and the platform will do it all on its own.

It is also important that HyperQuant allows participants to develop bot trading "for themselves." The area where this can be done is very little, and HyperQuant is one of them.

Thus, HyperQuant attracts not only those who want to completely transfer the "outsourced" income process. This platform appeals to investors who are fluent in the crypto currency range, but want to automate the process of generating revenue.

Alpha Version Release
This version includes an automated user’s investment portfolio manager. At the moment it supports parallel operation on 5 major crypto exchanges and with 5 most popular tokens. They have successfully redesigned a main workplace and launched a trading robot selection. There are 5 new strategies with the biggest profitability and they are being traded online right now!
Hyperquant's cutting-edge technology is as follows:

Hyper Fast
Fast Order Delivery protocol allows light-speed data transactions between different trading platforms. It works hundreds of times faster than similar solutions, which provides a significant competitive advantage for dApps and the services based on it.

Hyper Smart
All the components of the platform are managed by HyperQuant Artificial Intelligence and Risk Management system. It constantly evolves through machine learning based on the data accumulated within the protocol.

Hyper Secure
They use Merkle tree model and proof-of-existence principle to store data of the protocol transactions on Ethereum blockchain. This ensures system transparency and security. The system itself is highly efficient in terms of traffic and computing, so even if it has 1,000,000,000 orders on a daily basis, the proofs will take only 1kb in size and require just 30 hashing operations.

ICO and distribution of tokens
For developers of ICO HyperQuant created token HQT.
Results will be issued 320 million tokens HQT, which will be sold in two phases in May and June 2018. 1 ETH during the main round kraudseyla HyperQuant can buy 3500 HQT.
Minimum target ICO HyperQuant (SoftCap) - 5000 ETH. HardCap - 41143 ETH.
ICO collected on the investment will be distributed as follows:

Token Sale

Token Name : HQT
Token type : ERC20
Token Price : 1 ETH = 3500 HQT
Fundraising Goal : 41, 143 ETH
Total token supply : 320 000 000 HQT
Available for token sale :45%
Private sale : May - June, 2018
Public pre-sale : July, 2018


HyperQuant creators have set themselves a very ambitious goal. In fact, they want to do something that could not be anyone before - completely automate the process of cryptocurrency trading. If the idea is implemented HyperQuant developers, all trading operations will realize a robot, and the investor will only receive money. It will happen or not, time will tell. But in any case, HyperQuant already have many technologies to implement our plans in life. Therefore, investment in this project - a profitable investment.

WEBSITE: https://goo.gl/4Jc6yc
WHITEPAPER: https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/

ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hyperquant.net/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/HyperQuant_net

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/hyperquant

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/hyperquant

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgRfmQR-GKJlbnF1tRQPgw


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