Hyrax Safari Tours

Entrust your Tanzania safari trips to our professional guides, who will show you the most interesting secrets, show the hidden habitats and exotic species that only Africa can offer. Be the lord of the wilderness.

Hyrax safari adventures in Tanzania 

Sonorous hyraxes, otherwise referred to as dassies, have more than 20 vocalizations and their enchanting songs lures travellers, who eagerly search the savannah to find these little well-furred, rotund creatures. 

Strikingly, hyraxes are biologically the closest relatives of African elephants and what is more interesting to know is that due to poor internal temperature regulation they often cuddle and hug each other to get warm. It is incredible how these fluffy animals with multi-chambered stomachs lazily lie in the sun, enjoying the sunshine of the African savannah. 

Altezza Travel will make your hyrax safari trip an incredible adventure full of memorable moments and bright emotions. Our well-equipped comfortable safari vehicles and professional guides will lead you to the areas densely populated with hyraxes so that you will leave the savannah with a broad smile and lots of stories to share with friends.

Source: https://altezzatravel.wordpress.com/2018/05/11/hyrax-safari-tours/ 

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