Instant Assets Tokens (IAT)

The real estate market is actively developing, offering its customers a free opportunity to purchase and rent housing for both cash and borrowed funds, processing documents by professionals, conducting transactions on notarial power of attorneys by specialized agencies, etc. But, in connection with the territorial location of organizations in different places, these procedures take away a large amount of time and internal human forces. After all, in order to defend in the queue for receiving each service, starting from the loan registration and the evaluation of the object, and ending with the registration of the property right, free time is necessary, which, with the modern rhythm of life, is hard to find. The decentralized platform of IA Tokens offers a wide range of real estate services consolidated in one place.

Key features of IA Tokens
IA Tokens' approach to the real estate market is based on the distribution of traditional real estate market channels along the lines on a single platform web portal. The project is aimed at minimizing costs and saving time when preparing the necessary documents. Now remote access to all services of the real estate market is opened, allowing users to conduct operations from home at any available time without waiting anxiously in queues and transferring to the company.
Advantages of IA Tokens
The work of the project is based on the technology of the block system, which reliably protects user data from unauthorized use. The data is not located on the same server, as in the standard database maintenance, but on the node generated for each participant. Therefore, in case of hacking of one record, the level of protection of other users remains at the same level. In the future, it is planned to implement its own development of project developers based on the block system - IAT technology for storing user information.

All work on the IA Tokens platform is transparent. At calculations for services there are no hidden commissions and the user sees to whom and for what he paid. The use of smart contracts allows you to make payments quickly and safely.

The range of services of the platform when working with real estate is not limited: rent of premises, purchase of assets, tax consultations, legal services, etc. In addition to services, the platform provides an up-to-date database of real estate objects, based on the purpose of the transaction - rent, purchase, sale, exchange, etc. At the conclusion of the transaction, the seller and the buyer are always aware of each other's actions and can get acquainted with the conclusion of the legal and mortgaging services. Documents that have been uploaded by third-party services are protected by cryptographic signature from patches.

To work on the platform you need to register. For each real estate object a separate block is created from the personal cabinet with a complete list of tools. Thanks to the 24-hour support service, the user can quickly solve the issues that arise.

Crypto currency I Tokens
For calculations on the platform Tokens IA Tokens are used. The peculiarity of this crypto currency is the presence of direct dependence on the national currency in the user's location - Native Instant Assets Tokens. This is necessary to protect the IA Tokens crypto currency from fluctuations in the external market and makes it more stable. A total of 2 billion tokens were issued, of which 40% of tokens were sent for sale, and 30% were sent to the reserve. The main crowdsdale started on July 15th. You can buy tokens using any Ethereum purse.

Overview of the IA Tokens survey
Thus, the work of IA Tokens is aimed at increasing the level of availability of the real estate market and eliminating fraudsters from this sphere. Artificial intelligence will allow you to make transactions quickly and reasonably, suggesting a list of further actions in accordance with the patented algorithm for each type of work. Minimization of expenses due to P2P payments will significantly reduce the total amount of the transaction for customers and increase the amount of potential income for sellers.

Work on the project began this year. For further development of the platform, investments are needed and after their receipt, a beta version will be developed. The launch of the project in the full version will be launched in mid-2021.



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