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What is Ice Rock Mining?
Now I will admit when I first heard about this ICO I thought it sounded a little crazy to say the least, but after reading their whitepaperit looks like a decent idea.
They're planning on building a mining a mountain in Kazakhstan.
During the 1950s the Soviet Union created storage inside mountains, incase of a nuclear war. Ice Rock Mining have decided to use one of these caves as a mining facility due to the cool temperature, the caves remain at around 12 degrees naturally all year round. This means that there will be no expenses for the cooling of the mining rigs. The area also has one of the best prices of electricity in the world, at around $0.03 per KW, thus making them potentially one of the most economical mining operations in the world.

How will it work?

IRM are planning on mining any profitable crypto currencies and selling ming contracts to customers. The customer will decide which currency they wish to mine when they select their contract.
The minimum payment for mining contracts will be set at 5 ROCK tokens which equals $5.
Mining equipment works 24/7 so often there's technical faults, rather than having to send miners away for repair, Ice Rock Mining plan to have 4 staff working on rotation 24/7,365 days per year servicing all of the equipment to avoid too much downtime.

How did the project start?

The founder of the company, Malik Murzashev received a gift of $5s worth of bitcoin for his 25th Birthday from one of his friends.
By 2013 Malik's interest in bitcoin and crypto currency had grown and he started to mine his first coins from home.
After chatting with his business partners he found out that one of them owned a bunker and the project was born. The Ice Rock Mining name was decided on due to the natural cooling from the rocks. 

 With a lot of uncertainty in cryptocurrency mining and a big number of scam projects trying to steel investors money, Ico Rock Mining Team is trying to prove their transparency on every step of ICO process. They are calling potential investors to visit them at their mining farm, publishing YouTube videos of their bunker and even posting exact location and coordinates: 43.879891, 76.326797 so you can check that their project is a genuine one. 


Economic plan

The new platform will spend most of its money on new mining equipment:

  • 5% engineering work: Development of electrical power routes, air circulation and infrastructural improvements.
  • 80% equipment and installation: The new company will be using the latest and most advanced mining hardware.
  • 5% website development: The platform plans to attract all of its customers online so the website will require constant improvements.
  • 5% on employees: They plan to have 4 people working as technical support, 2 in marketing, 1 technical director and 1 director.
  • 5% on marketing: This includes the 2 marketing employees, they plan to gain most of their customers through referrals.



If you are looking to double or triple your money in few months and are ready to take some risk then check this project and their ICO. You can choose to invest in Ico Rock Mining project as miner or Investor. As Investor, you will have the possibility to sell your tokens and double your money in just a few months, as a miner you can exchange them for mining contract. Both of these look pretty good and profitable and for more info, I encourage you to check ICE ROCK MINING website or even better talk to team members personally on Telegram. 


                                       Key team members


  • Malik Murzashev, CEO: Has 10 years of experience working in the US and Kazakhstan in software development and retail. Was the founder of the biggest Apple dealer in Kazakhstan.

  • Mikhail Pluzhnikov, Technical director: 10 years experience working in business development, programming, software development, Blockchain and physical infrastructure of mining farms.

  • Dias Kurmanov, ICO & Marketing manager: 7 years of experience in marketing, social and Internet projects.



Very good and promising project, I wish only prosperity!!  I encourage you to contact this Team, take a trip to Kazakhstan and visit the secret bunker. Doing this and investing in Ice Rock Mining makes a really great story for your grandchildren. Who does not agree write a comment!

Official Website:

bitcointalk user: nevashno

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Здравствуй! Я пишу ежедневные сообщения ICO. Я затрагиваю важные факторы, такие как сильные стороны компании, добавление стоимости, ценность и т. Д.

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