Bitcoin Origin- World's first Multi-Fork meets serverless Blockchain

Bitcoin Origin is one of the most globally decentralized platforms used to manage, points are cumulative and loyalty programs. Analysis of a large number of loyalty programs from the use of different points, which the developers did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs not successfully implemented and increasing corporate liability.
Bitcoin Origin can provide solutions to problems with blocking technology due to low transaction costs and high security. Bitcoin Origin can turn the score into a Bitcoin Origin token (ORI) and give the user an existing loyalty program.
Here is a video presentation of Bitcoin Origin Project :
Innovative, 5-way multi-fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash
Environmentally Friendly Coin Production through our unique Proof-of-Ambassador consensus.
Staking returns comparable to PoW mining. Returns greatly reward early adopters of Bitcoin Origin.
Let's consider how the project represents the value of the system and how this project differs from the project block platform, much like integrating a score. All users may exchange Bitcoin Origin, points or miles from your affiliate program to Bitcoin Origin token or otherwise, to share your tokens for points in the affiliate program. Users can purchase with Bitcoin Origin token products that are included in the affiliate program. Affiliate programs benefit from more marketing opportunities, advertising, and shopping.
Bitcoin Origin, where platforms that use blocks that solve problems related to direct damage to users and loyalty programs undertaken by the poor and increased liability to society as a result of too much program loyalty use the score. Bitcoin Origin integrates the points into Bitcoin Origin token (ORI) and gives the user a loyalty program. For the lowest cost with the highest level of security in addition to reliability and low transaction costs, Bitcoin Origin with block chain technology to eliminate intermediaries, providing users and partners with more reasonable results.
Bitcoin Origin Users can easily use and bitcoin Bitcoin Origin and direct you to any company in the world world in Bitcoin Origin purse. Users can also easily redeem their points for Bitcoin Origin tokens or Bitcoin Origin tokens as points partners. In addition, the Bitcoin Origin wallet is a channel ad, which offers real-time ad partners or coupons for users or partners. This allows the Bitocin Origin partnership to attract more customers and encourage more loyalty programs. In addition, in Bitcoin Origin stores users can purchase products or services with partnerships.
Every company we meet with loyalty program on points. The market for these costs is broader than growth and growth of 6% per year. However, this means a lot of different because there are many companies around the world. In desperation, it is difficult for customers to manage and use your points. Even for businesses, unused points cause the loyalty program to be lower expected and grow negatively towards your obligations. Bitcoin Origin as a solution to decentralization based on the blockade, which solves the problem of the current loyalty program with the use of glasses. The main features of Bitcoin Origin include Bitcoin Origin purse, original Bitcoin exchange, Promotional Delivery and Bitcoin Origin Save.
The Idea of Bitcoin
Ever heard of side chains? In Origin, the side chain is basically part of the infrastructure to allow for scale considerations.
We want our users to be able to use their original token for a fee and block the prize. Each country has its own namespace, its own VM, and its own ecosystem, supporting the Bitcoin Origin network.
Bitcoin Origin has developed the Ethereum token bridge, allowing the Ethereum token to be converted to the original token in a multi-state machine.
The Bitcoin Origin community staking ORI tokens will be able to Vote. The Ambassadors are required to campaign for votes and in turn rewarded generously for their campaigning efforts.
Serverless Blockchain
Through the Bitcoin Origin network and it’s technology, any member of the public has the ability to introduce their own entirely serverless blockchain. The blockchain is powered by Bitcoin Origin's Network Validators (Ambassadors).
Token Economics
Tranched Release and Whitelisting
Bitcoin Origin will be released in daily tranches, in a structured manner, to ensure organic growth and prevent whales or large organizations from off-loading ORI tokens on partner exchanges. To claim your Bitcoin Origin Tokens, holders of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash will need to whitelist using our easy to use claiming tool.
Bitcoin Origin is Self Funded
The experienced Bitcoin Origin founding team truly believes in the project and as such have placed their own capital at stake. Bitcoin Origin has been funded entirely in house thus far and there is no ICO planned for this project.
Token Bitcoin Origin designed as a token compatible ERC20 on the platform of the Astraleum and use of blocking technology. The target group Bitcoin Origin is an airline, a travel agency, a market leader, as well as online shops around the world. With benefits such as that, Bitcoin Origin based on blocking technology advanced, secure and effective, will master billions of dollars in the global marketplace.
Daily Allocation
Token Allocation
Bitcoin Origin Staking Ecosystem
Returns Comparable to Mining

Bitcoin Origin allows Stakers to make mining-like profits without experiencing the costs, massive power consumption and other hazards associated with traditional Proof-of-Work mining activities.
Golden Easter EGG
In addition to the already profitable MasterStake ecosystem, the Bitcoin Origin Foundation is including a few other benefits to Validators.
A small percentage of every block reward will be locked into a smart contract that will, over time, build into a significant pot of coins.
All participants will have an equal chance of unlocking the Golden Easter Egg with every block solved, including annual pool rewards.
The Roadmap:
Founder Team:
Marketing Team:
Advisors Team:

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