ETHL (Ethereum Limited Edition)- Global and Decentralized Platform for Smart Contracting

In an increasingly advanced era, there is now a very smart new technology. Blockchain technology, after the invention of Internet technology, has now become a blockchain of technology that will change the world.

Like many ideas in the blockchain industry, the general confusion surrounds the so-called “smart contracts”. This is a new technology, made possible by public blockchain, an elusive intelligent contract, since the term is partially confusing the main interaction described.
About Ethereum Limited
Ethereum Limited is a global and decentralized smart contracting platform. This smart contract will help you exchange your money, property, stock, or anything of value in a transparent and conflict-free way to avoid brokerage services.

We noticed that not everyone has the ability to write smart contracts because it requires some level of programming skill so we decided to make it easier for everyone to make smart contracts.

Taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Limited does not have to worry about the security of its user data.

Due to the creation of Ethereum Limited Ecosystem, people who need smart contracts will flock to the Ethereum network – making it more successful. Lower transaction costs, faster turnover, automation and immutability are just some of the benefits we offer.

We want a world where cryptocurrency is as normal as today’s paper money. A world where smart contracts are common with mobile phones, tablets and laptops. A world where people use smart contracts frequently with the Ethereum Limited platform

Ethereum Limited wants to provide an easy-to-use platform that will enable the creation, modification, and execution of smart contracts.

Smart contracts are not just for business applications. The world will find a great way to implement blockchains and smart contracts to make our lives easier – and Ethereum Limited will be the center of that innovation.


We want a world where cryptocurrency is as normal as fiat money is nowadays. A world where smart contracts are as common as cellphones, tablets and laptops. A world where people use smart contracts on a frequent basis with Ethereum Limited platform


Ethereum Limited wants to provide a user-friendly platform that will enable the creation, modification and execution of smart contracts.

Also, to make smart contract creation as easy as signing up for an email account

Ethereum Limited wants to see people taking advantage of smart contracts. Smart contract are not just for business applications. The world will find amazing ways to apply blockchain and smart contract to make our lives easier - and Ethereum Limited will be on the center of that innovation.
How do we ensure confidentiality in Ethlimited?

With Ethereum limited, secrecy is guaranteed, because the information is not must flow to a single point, they can use many points to do this. With this, privacy is assured, because it is difficult to track information through network-work


Ease of use

This smart contract-making platform is user-friendly. Thousands of ready-to-use templates to choose from will be available for customization.
Minimum Cost

Using this contract template and smart platform will not harm your budget. Chances are less cost than purchasing a cup of coffee.

If you can not find a smart contract template that does not fit your needs? Need a custom template, but can not do it alone? Hire your other platform users through this Marketplace project.

This platform will accept Ethlimited, Ethereum, and Bitcoin as payment to use our platform. We may add some cryptocurrency in the future.
Pre-ICO Sale

Participate early on our Ethereum Limited Pre-ICO with only 1,000,000 ETHL tokens available ata discounted Pre-ICO price of $0.50 and realistic target value of $10 by October 2018. The Pre-ICO has a minimum purchase of 50 and is limited to 2000 ETHL token per user. The Pre-ICO sale starts in September; don't miss out. 100% of the Pre-ICO funds along with our own substantial budget, will be allocated to bay advertising for the ETHEREUM LIMITED program
Token Specifications

Token Name: Ethereum Limited
Ticker: ETHL
Max supplay: 10,000,000

Token Allocation

Private Sale: 800,000
Pre-ICO: 1.000,000
ICO: 5,000,000
Airdrop: 500,000
Bounty: 1,300,000
Development: 900,000
Team: 500,000
2017 (April) Project Started.
2017 (June – August) Conceptualization and Planning.
2017 (October – November) Research.
2017 (December) Development.
2018 (January) Blockchain Beta Test.
2018 (February) Implementation and Deployment.
2018 (March) System Analysis.
2018 (April) Bug Fixing.
2018 (May) Penetration Test & Security Debugging.
2018 (June) AirDrop.
2018 (July) Pre ICO.
2018 (August) ICO CrowdSale.
2018 (October) CoinMarketCap Listing.
2018 (December) Wallet Release.
2018 (February) Additional External Exchanges.
2018 (September) 1 ETHL = 1 ETH.

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