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TwoGap: Cryptocurrency Market with CRYPTOBONDS

Hello friends, If you're interested in joining the TwoGap project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:
What is Twogap?
TwoGap Crypto Platform was formed to bring for Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss products. It is called CryptoBond TwoGap platform will help issuer to encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated legal in the Crypto Market. Besides that, Twogap platform also protects investors, boost the market, extends the scale, and becomes the backbone of the Global Crypto Market’s sustainable growth)
The Twogap platform is named after the two-gap model published by Hollis Chenery in 1962. This model posits that if the investment required for growth is a fixed rate, investment deficits would be the main constraint on growth.
TGT Token is the key to unlocking the door in the Blockchain world, and let the Bonds turn to the Criptus world Recently, the keyword Blockchain is constantly becoming the hottest in technology and launch not only in the world but also in Vietnam. Vietnam has become an important stop for Blockchain technology in the Asia-Pacific region. Experts say that Blockchain technology will open up a potential trend in applications in finance, education, healthcare, retail, telecommunications, etc.

However, this does not stop, the modern concept is developed when the use of a blockchain is used as a dynamic means to break through any barrier of the border, territory, color, race, and religion in the dissemination of social activity (responsibility for the community).

This is the last photo on, a charity that uses Bitcoin cash to help children and people in Africa suffer from food shortages.
TwoGap Market Segment/Channels
Target customer: Crypto investors

Partnership channels:

Businesses of diplomatic mission
International business association
Chambers of commerce
Non-governmental organizations
Global rating agencies
Big Four and other audit firms
Marketing channels

Mutual funds, hedge funds, traditional ETF funds
Traditional brokers and dealers
Crypto exchange
Crypto funds
TwoGap Competitors
Currently on most centralized exchanges, there are USDT trade pairs. These stable coins are safe haven for situations when the market is dumping. Also available is True USD which is also a type of stable coin. However, these coins do not appreciate in value once traders switch to them in a dumping market. There are no interests for hodling them either.

Both stable coins are backed by dollars and such, their supply is limited due to the fact that there isn’t enough dollars in the bank, thus an investor may not have sufficient stable coins for a billion dollar investment.

TwoGap’s Cryptobond is therefore the solution as they are backed by bonds and their issuance is unlimited.

Revenue Model
Since TwoGap is not a charitable organization, they have devised the means to generate revenue to keep the platform up and running. Their revenue model as enshrined in their whitepaper are as follows;

Crypto Bonds issuance & trading fee
Interest rate difference for CryptoBond as Dealer - Bid - ask spread
Value growth of TGT Tokens to the pool of reserves

• Maximum 210,000,000,000 TGT token will be issued
• 33% for ICO privatesale and crowdsale
• 33% reserve for minting (incentive mechanism motivates all parties involved in TGT tokens Economics) 33% for ICO

  • 33% for incentive mechanism = 66% belong to community
    • 4% for Bounty
    • 15% for R&D
    • 15% for team and advisors

Token Details:

Token: TGT
Currencies: ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Type ERC20

Soft cap: 10.000.000 USD
Hard cap: 30.000.000 USD

Category: Finance
Verified team: No
A whitelist of investors: Yes
KYC of investors: Yes

Tokens for sale: TGT
Token price: 1 TGT = 0.001 USD
Minimum purchase: 50 TGT


  • 2017Complete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology apply.

  • 2018MAYComplete R & D Global Bond Market & Technology applyJUNEComplete the whitepaper.Partnership network building : connected with organizations.Governmental and non-governmental associations.JULYICO promotion campaign.OCTOBERFirst CryptoBond issue on Twogap, promotes marketing through diplomacy to underdeveloped nations.NOVEMBERVersion 1.0 go Live with Ethereum BlockchainDECEMBERFirst CryptoBonds issue on TwogapFY 2018 auditing.

-2019Q1 2019Mass marketing campaignQ2 2019Addition of CryptoBonds instruments on the platform, Promoting marketing.Q3 2019Version 2.0Q4 20190.1% Global Bond Market.

  • 2020 0.5% bonds market.

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TwoGap Partners/Sponsors:

Twogap is the next generation of Cryptobond platform. Their focus especially on the Cryptobond market, where its market size now is over $100 trillion makes the project very ambitious. The CryptoBonds market also will be a reliable crypto market where investors who have lost their confidence in the crypto market can put the trust in. This for me is the kind of projects that I look out for as an investor, that with high use case and good value proposition.

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