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Bitftx — More Than a Blockchain Project

The Bitfxt Project believes that decentralized digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will fundamentally change how the world sees and uses money. Cheaper, faster and more secure transactions; more privacy and freedom; significantly better user experience; and ultimately, more equality by providing access to the same financial system, regardless of who or where they are, wherever they are in the world.

Today, they are one of the world’s leading digital currency companies and we have a team of more than 60 technology and finance professionals operating in various countries and continents. On the basis of products and services; For digital businesses such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for people and businesses to store, purchase, use and learn to make it safe and easy.
The visionary; To empower billions of people by bringing digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to anywhere. In addition to strengthening people, when we look at market volumes and frequency of use; it would not be wrong to say that this would strengthen the blockchain-based digital currencies in general.

Project Features

With the support system in easy-to-use systems, they always seem to be ready for service.
Fast and steady
They define their services as super fast and stable. There are artificial intelligence-based user interfaces that allow you to change the crypto and fiat currencies in real time.
They store most of the digital assets held in Bitfxt to protect against theft in secure offline storage. Thus, the asset security of the users is also provided.

Meet one of the few companies that already have a complete functional project already in place: BitFXT It is no secret that the current exchanges have many problems due to which users suffer. Stock exchanges, bad customer service, ability to communicate with support, as a rule only in one language, weak market liquidity and insignificant technical architecture, traders face these problems every day. With the emergence of BitFXT, all these problems are eliminated. BitFXT has created the largest crypto exchange rate in Africa, and has quickly simplified, conquering traders’ heart with simplicity and stability.

In my opinion, there are basically two different types of change: those interested in fiat currencies; and only those who are interested in encryption. By building more emphasis on encryption, we are building a hybrid of both. Even though they are small now, we believe that net crypto exchange exchanges will be more than Fiat-based change in the near future. They will play an increasingly important role in the world of finance and we call it the new paradigm Bitfxt; Bitcoin — Forex technology. With your help, Bitfxt will make a first-class crypto exchange that will strengthen the future of crypto-money finance.

Other ICOs and coins were hoping to be listed on various exchanges and were disappointed by the lack of community, liquidity, use and volume. The BXT token will not encounter such a problem because, above all, it will be listed in the BitFXT changes. It also has a mobile wallet, large volume, liquidity, community and main usage status. Why did Iko start you? BitFXT has comprehensive plans, which is one of the fastest changes. However, not only the African market, but also modernization, expansion, advertising and globalization have to be captured. For these purposes and launched Iko:

ICO Informations
Name: BITFXT token
Symbol: bxt
Decimal Number: 8
Total offer: 20.000.000
Total delivery: 14.000.000
Min. Attendance: 0.01 ETH
Soft cover: 2,000 ETH
Hard border: 5,000 ETH
Accepted BTC, ETH and LTC

Investors can purchase the BXT tokens in four stages in the first service. When each new phase starts, the price will increase. Investors will receive BXT instantly at the time of purchase. For more information, you can ask questions that are of interest to you in the technical documentation of the project and in the forum or project chat telegrams.

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