Generations from time to time just find ways to lose family history, I personally can attest to that fact. Imagine you were asked to trace your family linage back to a several generations, I bet you cannot or at most you did be able to know up to the history of your grandparents, and not a detailed one.

Knowing your family tree or having an adequate background on how your linage came to be has never been more difficult and tasking till today where families could be separated through continents and are only connected through a cell phone.

Building an IoT blockchain network which knows the importance of family linage and geared at preserving your family history have never been heard of, but I am here to tell you about its emergence because behind every successful project is a great and workable idea with good potentials to succeed.

Having the ability for multiple devices to be interconnected on the blockchain has been nothing but a concept in recent times but as we all know, every invention ever made by man has always been born through an idea.


TREEBLOCK which presents THE FAMILY ENTERPRISE SOLUTION is a blockchain project which is set on creating the first blockchain solution that will enable mobile subscribers to connect as a node which therefore enables each family chain to create a digitalized network.

With TREEBLOCK FAMILY ENTERPRISE one will be able to manage every single aspect of his/her life ranging from communication, finance, exchange of actual memory and lots more, all on a secure and decentralized platform.


TREEEBLOCK will be providing the following benefits in its wake:

A safe and secure channel where families can safely and securely store and share information without prying eyes being able to breach the network, with TREEBLOCK all users will be 100% secured.

****The preservation of tradition: **

The TREEBLOCK Blockchain ecosystem will enable users to be able to preserve their tradition.

Adequate data storage
The ability for users to be able to integrate the use of centralized and decentralized technology

With the TREEBLOCK ecosystem, users will be able to leave an inheritance for their children and grandchildren

The connection of family members can be done through the platform. TREEBLOCK will enable users to build applications on its platform using existing platform tools.


The TREEBLOCKS VM will be making use of web assembly which will enable the platform to use C/C++ and with time other programming languages will be used to develop smart contracts and existing software developers can become the blockchains app developers without them having the need to learn a new programming language.

TREEBLOCKK will also open a part which will allow its flexible features to be adopted for many blockchain solutions.


With TREEBLOCKS great team I have no doubt that this project will be a successful one and that it will dominate the blockchain industry in no time.

TREEBLOCK is currently on their initial coin offering period, with lots of TREX TOKEN for grabs I advise you use this opportunity to become a partner of TREEBLOCK and in due time the benefits will show.

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