Review of Bravo - part 2: ICO and tokens

Greetings to my readers, last time I analyzed the BRAVO project. Today is the sequel.

Bravo is a project whose main goal is to secure Internet banking using a mobile application platform. Versatility, confidentiality, security are the main and characteristic advantages of the platform. In 2019, developers are planning to release a mobile application to use BVO Tokens.

ICO terms of use

The developers identified the Hard cap - $ 34,700,000 and the Soft cap - $ 10,000,000. The tentative start date for the tokens sale is October 1, 2018. The deadline for the sale of tokens is October 31, 2018. Token type - ERC20.

Tokens will be distributed as follows: a round of pre-sale of tokens - 9%, ICO Pre-sale - 17%, main sale of ICO - 24%, blocks - 2%, advisors - 5%, team and founders - 20%, share - 8%, main reserve - 15%. The fate of tokens after ICO is unknown, they will either continue to be mined or the extra will be destroyed. In total, it is planned to generate 1,000,000,000 tokens. Only 50% of these will be for open sale. Currencies for purchase are ETH, BTC, USD.

The only disadvantage that this project has is that a citizen of the United States, Singapore, China and Canada cannot participate in the open stage of the sale of tokens..


The project’s life begins since far 2013, when a group of like-minded people had the idea of creating the BRAVO project. During this time, a study was conducted with the participation of consumers, the initial release of concept confirmation. So a mobile version of the application was released on IOS and Android, testing a smart contract. Looking at the roadmap, the project still has a consortium validation, testing and production release. Thus, the project will complete its full development in 2020.


As we see, the project has many positive sides. The roadmap is well done, the ICO is well thought out. Well, that's all, follow the next release of the BRAVO project analysis.

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