Review of Bravo - part 3: team and partners of the project

Hello everyone! Here is the final part of my BRAVO project review. It will be interesting, so read to the end!

Let me remind you, Bravo is decentralized platform designed to solve the problems of digital globalization of cashless payments, bank accounts and online purchases. This platform has an excellent roadmap, originating from 2013 and the remarkable characteristics of ICO. Among the advantages these are flexibility, confidentiality and the possibility of easy integration with other applications. Today we will analyze how the application works, as well as the development team.


I have seen many projects with different partners, but these are the strongest ones. It is enough to name FLYNYON, Coin Fabrik and Epic vallet. These organizations have a major impact on the crypto industry. I want to highlight Bollseye and Integral vallet. Thus, we can say for sure that the project has good partners.

The development team

A team is something. Just by reviewing at least a couple of files, it becomes clear that there are no best candidates for these positions. Maria Del Carmen Luna, MBA is co-founder of project. She is a very strong marketing woman. A great experience helped her and her husband, with whom she created this startup, to lead the team.

Among the advisors you can see Dean Cannell - an expert in blockchain technology. Dean is the Founder of, he has spent the last 13+ years helping traditional technology startups to go from idea to funding or acquisition.


Bravo is an interesting project. Among its strengths are universality, confidentiality, security, compatibility and own blockchain platform. The partners are serious, the team is too. The idea has many positive and potential sides. It should be noted that the White Paper is excellent and very easy in all meanings, because of this I can highly rate this project. After analyzing all the data, I can say that the project will shoot when it would be ready. Given all the circumstances, I can give the project 11 out of 12. Due to different reasons and excellent White Paper I can put a high note. Thank you all, I love you all, wait for the new reviews!

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