Bravo - Send and receive payments with the power of blockchain

Hello everyone! I reviewed the Bravo project for you and I can tell you that their plan is very exciting.

Bravo is a new decentralized platform designed to solve the problems of digital globalization of cashless payments, bank accounts and online purchases. With the help of the platform, people will be able to make anonymous and safe mobile payments. So what does the BRAVO platform offer us? In other words, Bravo is mobile platform for payments that combines the qualities of modern payment systems and blockchain-technology. For those who are tired of non-secure payment systems, this platform will greatly help to increase effectiveness because of fast handling of payment processes and lack of anonymity.


1. Universality. The service is great for both individuals and businesses, and all thanks to developers who decided to adapt application for ordinary people.
2.Security. The application does not need complex or long password, additional key keepers. The advantage is simple and at the same time recovery protocol is password secured.
3. Confidentiality. To solve this problem, the developers’ team have created their own protocol Incognito Payments
4. Compatibility. The application can successfully work and integrate with other applications.
5.BRAVO was built and is running on it’s own blockchain platform
6. Update for payment with BVO Token. This update will help customers to pay their bills with BVO Token. This update will be announced in 2019.


We can feel the developers of the platform Bravo have set themselves noble mission. The application will be an interesting service for any person who often uses Internet banking. The platform has many advantages, including universality, security, confidentiality, and opportunities. The advantage is a creation of application, through which you can pay for purchases by BVO Token. I will review this platform further in the following articles, follow the continuation of the BRAVO analysis. I will say in advance, the platform team is strong and very experienced.

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