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Datum is entirely new ecosystem that brings ‘young blood’ to the present situation of personal data, its storing and even monetarizing. Using Datum one can be sure that all the personal information he provides into world net will be carefully gathered, encoded and saved. And no other third party will be able to get any piece of it without owner authorization and for free. Since you are with Datum, you are one and only owner of all your information and you are to decide whom and for what price you are going to sell it.
Definitely and without any exaggeration it is possible to say that Datum project is something completely new and revolutionary. Team of Datum network is going to prove very soon personal data will be worth its weight in gold or oil as it is more common for modern world.

Who is in team?

The team of Datum network consists of highly professional persons that were gathered from all over the world with the shared vision and common goal. As Datum has ambitious targets, so in order to succeed the best specialist and professionals in different fields were involved. Their skills and abilities will definitelypropel the project to the highest level. The members of Datum team are computer designers and community managers, blockchain engineers and programmers, web-developers and marketing specialists. The hard core of Datum network is situated in three countries – Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. And those countries imbued the project with their best features – high quality from Switzerland, effectiveness from Singapore and vigorous activity from Hong Kong.
So, here are the people who represent Datum network to the world:

  • Roger Haenni – co-founder, the highest-ranking person in a company.
  • Gebhard Scherrer – co-founder,sales, service and product specialist.
  • VC Tran – co-founder, highly experienced expert in maketing.

The rest of the team includes:

  • Theo Valich – headof growth
  • Florian Honegger – smart contract expert
  • Vitaly Krinitsin, Christiana Kuo-chenChien – community managers
  • Alex Yedomski, Eugene Kyselov, Matt Kimball – programmers
  • Tevon Strand Brown, Luis Fernando Varela – blockchain engineers

Talking about the team in whole as well as about every member individually, it is clear that their professional features gave the possibility to create such a rewarding project.

But another team – team of advisors – should be also mentioned. It consists just of tree persons, but the importance of their job to the benefit of the project can’t be minimized.
Here they are:

  • Investment Banking Analyst & Executive - Chris Miess
  • Co-Founder of RIMNET, MySQL K.K., RedRobot - Daniel Saito
  • Co-Founder and CTO of NuCypher - Michael Egorov

Millions of people generate millions of great ideas every day, but only some of them can be realized and only few of them can become really remarkable. Datum project is the result of one of those few really remarkable ideas. But any invention must be worked and realized and here the question of good and professional team full of enthusiasm comes up. If it is possible to say like that Datum was lucky to be created by its team who made it outstanding data project of modern times.

Official links to the Datum project:
Website: https://datum.org/
Whitepaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/datumnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/datumnetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datumnetwork

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