NBAI – the dream about AI will come true

Hello dear crypto enthusiasts! The dream about AI integration will come true very soon. Taking into account that AI will take its place in our lives sooner or later, designers can offer us solutions that can let high technologies develop. The NBAI team or NBAI’s Cloud GPU Cloud Service (GPU cloud drive) is doing their best to integrate AI into blockchain and are trying to help all the people interested in it to make their own efforts to reach the goal.

Current blockchain problems

Does the blockchain have any problems in current stage of IT development? We suppose that when buying brand-new computer equipment we expect at least 1-1.5 years of proper service working. Using realistic DApp-platform structures, you must be appealing to different kinds of built-in applications. Most likely it’s a browser installed on your PC, tablet or smart phone. At first sight it’s just a cover which hides unbelievable opportunities that blockchain offers. However, it’s not enough for blockchain structure.

Nevertheless, already in half a year of working we see that it starts to lag, showing its character. It doesn’t depend on the device itself, but on the network. As long as you’re not connected, your device works well, but when you set the connection you’re having problems with computing. The point is, it’s not only internet’s fault, but also blockchain’s.

What is the  idea of NBAI innovative standard?

The project founders understood that all the digital technologies development problems must be solved within computing performance of used power, which is the main resource. And the sooner the humanity understands the unrealized formats and potentials of their devices, the easier the AI integration is going to be. For the past two-three years huge progress in this sphere has been made. It showed that we shouldn’t be afraid of bold decisions. But when making particular decisions, users face the problem of passing data efficiency. All the efforts for effective using of AI were aimed on built-in apps, but as soon as one problem was solved, another one appeared. The thing is all the current channels were not adjusted for DApps.

NBAI cloud service can solve difficult problems and designers integrate improved dApps deployability parameters, integrating AI standards into the structure of the scheme too. This way they can transform habitual dApp into brand-new DAI App. Instead of centralized platforms, which AI now uses, decentralized structures will be involved. They will be able to control all the applications simultaneously.
Figuratively speaking, energy demands are going to decrease, as in the GPU structure all the efforts will be directed to using miners’ power exceptionally for computing purposes. Exterior participants of the scheme will also be able to use NBAI, creating their own platforms and earn on them. All the rewards are to be given exceptionally into inner NBAI standard token.

Tools and technologies

CEO-designers of cloud service developed 5 main tools to use for power conversion:

  1. AI main structure. Offer and demand analytics between all transaction parties: suppliers and consumers.
  2. Material structure of the computing scheme. Users can change the original parameters of material blocks adapting them to their standards. Constant software updating demanded.
  3. DAI structure. The individual interface will be designed in such a way that the user will get what is needed from AI.
  4. Data storage. For quality and efficient data storage, a special type of cloud is going to be used – Inter-planetary file system.
  5. Training centre. In order all the users can use the platform efficiently, an artificial training centre will be created. It will set functionality of its own decentralized apps. Besides, it will be possible to advertize the platform with special standards of network distribution.

This will help to solve those problems which AI now has for effective realization and popularization, including help with technical problems.

About tokens inside NBAI

The inner cloud drive tokens are supposed to be used. They have one of three scenarios of working:

  1. Tokens, designated for ready platform testing. The speed of testing will depend on spent tokens inside the cloud.
  2. Payment mode of using. You’ll be able to realize and monetize your services and apps on the base of available cloud drive standards.
  3. Expanding of current applications. Use NBAI token to improve or expand the functionality of decentralized platforms.

During the whole project functioning, 6,7 billion NBAI will be released. 1 ETH = 100 000 NBAI. Hardcap – 18 thousands ETH.


Dear friends! Now miners and designers can heave a sigh of relief! Cause we’ve found the solution for improving all technical tools of data storage and processing through the GPU on the bases of NBAI cloud drive. If some companies are now just starting to integrate new standards of AI, NBAI offers ready-made solutions to solve the problems in this sphere.

Official links to the NBAI project:

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