BridgeX Network Project Overview - part 2: the Roadmap, Partners&Team

Hello everybody! Today we continue talking about BridgeX Network and sorting out its features.

Just to remind you, the blockchain platform makes it possible to fasten the process of lending. Any person can lend money without third parties, like bank.


Let's talk about the advantages of the project. As we all know, the lending process has outdated and hasn't been changed for a while. People are fed up with such things as bank fees. The designers surprised us by removing mediators. This is a real innovation: lending without banks, isn't it? Not everyone knows how it works, but the advantages say it all. By the way, these advantages can also surprise crypto currency bearers, like me.

The main advantage is that there's no room for cheating on clients at all. And again, lack of mediators play an important role here.

For crypto currency bearers there're also some features like converting and depositing with tokens. That's what digital money bearers have been waiting for.

Road Map.

Lately I've been surprised by the project which describes every single step in its road map, therefore raising the trust.

In the first quarter of 2018 the BridgePay concept was developed. So as we see, just in 9 months developers managed to turn a concept to a fully working structure.

In the second quarter of 2018 there was set a goal: to develop partnership program. So then, first partnership contracts appeared. These companies noticed the potential of the project in the very beginning.

In the third quarter (now), designers implement the KYC system into the platform. For those who are not aware of it, this system can calculate the cheating actions percentage when working with certain person. So developers care about users personal data and resources.

Next year test launches of the platform are planned. Also, first credits given and other regulations. So let's go further to the partners.


Exchanges, project and start ups – here we have the main partners. There's no use to describe them, so we'd better take a look at the team.

The team.

The CEO Jody Ong, with his 10-year experience in payment and commerce sphere who managed to realize the BridgeX Network conception. This person is constantly progressing, always stays tuned to the Asian trade market.

The technical director is Joseph Lee. All the output released by the company goes through Joseph. He's responsible for the product development. Working for Kyber Network Joseph has got all the necessary skills to work with BridgeX Network.


After sorting out the team, I've only become more confident about the project. The new methods of currency liquidity is something all the users been waiting for. The developers promised to implement bank services into the platform, which will be paid with crypto currency. This might not be a huge advantage but all the developments make BridgeX a unique one. Moving the lending sphere to the online mode will simplify the transactions. Therefore, I think that people will appreciate the new buy and sell model. The liquidity pools play important role in this process, so by choosing one of them, a person gets redirected to a pool with the deepest pocket.

Official links to the BridgeX Network project:

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