Akropolis - Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure!

Dear readers, have a good day! Today I want to talk about such a topic as pension! I live in Russia and I want to tell you what is happening in this area

Today, the structure of the pension system is disguised as a funded option, but in fact corresponds to the fact that pensioners are just begging. A significant part of the money is wasted and none of the pensioners do not know how to dispose of them, which reduces the standard of living of the elderly, but, more importantly, the system does not allow young people to save up for old age and it is at the same time that 26% of the salary of a person go directly to the Pension Fund, and the total social taxes have risen to 34%. In order to fix this system, we need bold steps - the elimination of such a Pension Fund and the use of new useful options.

Experience and high previous earnings, in any case, do not allow to provide a decent old age. All the details of the previous work in fact do not have a significant impact. Take for example my parents, my mom worked for over 30 years and now receives a pension of 8,000 rubles ($131), dad worked for 35 years and earns about 12,000 rubles ($197).

And today to go to the store or supermarket and just buy a meal takes 1000-1500 rubles ($16-25), that's our state cares about those people who gave most of their lives to support them. State directly write in the documents that such people after retirement move into the period of survival! You just look at that word: to survive, not to live. How they manage their finances accordingly and it is practically not worth talking about.

But I think that new technologies will begin to change this situation, and already one is created using blockchain technology, it is called Akropolis.
Its goal is to create decentralized infrastructure of pension funds with the help of blockchain, the development is carried out by representatives of pension structures, who first of all care about people and try to provide them with a good old age. Platform to develop Australian IT company Sigma Prime, a legal support firm Isolas, which already has successful experience in carrying out many of tokensales.

Simply put, a pension platform is being created, where you can make direct contributions and tokenize them into assets. There is a consolidation of traditional money into digital money. At the same time everyone gets security, cost reduction and absolute transparency, you can always see all transactions.

Unlike current government regulations, here the entire ecosystem of participants will determine the future and distribution of capital through general voting and smart contracts. The blockchain technology simplifies the audit, which will save millions of dollars, eliminate intermediaries or reduce their number by using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Yes, many rulers will not be happy with this idea, and the project will have to get their approval for the implementation of its platform. And let's be honest: after all, they secretly use these finances, they are in their hands and this system has centralization.

The idea is just beginning its development and anyone can become a participant: as an ordinary user who wants to know about all the movements of their funds, disclose only the necessary information about themselves, developers can find support and correction of the code, pension funds and asset managers.

More information you can find on these links:

Website: https://akropolis.io/

Whitepaper: https://link.akropolis.io/whitepaper

My bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184171

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