CardStack! The experience layer of the decentralized internet!

Secure data storage is a challenge that every organization has to face. Problems arise when the volume of information increases and the requirements for its protection grow. Data storage systems are currently used everywhere, from storing video surveillance archives in stores to working with information in government agencies, banks and large enterprises.

Developers with extensive partner and service networks around the world, investing heavily in the creation and marketing of new products with billions of dollars in the storage sector, are the most authoritative in the market. These are such well-known and respected brands as Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Violin, Symantec, NetApp, Oracle

They all have a central control and will can use our personal data to pass on/sell and no one can guarantee safety. It turns out at the same time, they are both useful and dangerous in case of loss or hacking. But fortunately, all this can be avoided thanks to blockchain technology and the Cardstack project.
The idea of the project is to create for all people an open decentralized platform for cloud services, mobile applications, operating systems, with the ability of each member of the ecosystem to benefit it. In other words, unlike centralized resources, here you will be confident in the security of your personal data, in obtaining the necessary amount for storage, to realize their potential in the creation and development of new useful applications.

In addition, all operations will be carried out using its own cryptocurrency Cardstack and for each active action that can bring development to the platform, you will receive it. For example, you can provide the power of your computer, while they do not use and proportionally from the amount paid to receive a reward; to develop an interesting application, its founders approve and contribute to the platform for public use, because sometimes it is very difficult to promote their own development to ordinary programmers.

No one will be able to share your information with third parties due to the advantages of blockchain technology and the smart contracts on which this idea is based. You monetize yourself, your data, only you choose who you can provide it to.

So build a new global Internet community that will develop harmoniously, because here everyone will be in a winning position: simple participants, application developers, miners. All receive well-deserved rewards for their actions.
The value of our data is growing every day and it's time to say "Enough" to corporations like Google, Yandex, almost without our permission to earn trillions of dollars by selling them to businesses, shops.

It is necessary to carefully store constantly increasing amounts of memory, centralized cloud services have already shown their unreliability and transfer to intermediaries. Cardstack is ready to eliminate all these problems and shortcomings, to raise people's lives to a new level of life both financially and in privacy.

The founder of the project Chris Tse has a great experience in software development with the help of blockchain and several of its products operate successfully. Can see on this website

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