Debitum Network! Borderless small business financing!

Problems lending business for private entrepreneurs is the lack of concessional loans and high interest rates. The conditions for obtaining loans for many businesses quite hard, and the application of their results are often seen very long.

There is virtually no real support for the development of new business with the state. To start a business from scratch it is impossible to obtain financial support. Therefore, investments for projects you have to look in other places.

How to do, how to successfully start a new business? This can help the project Debitum Network that uses all the benefits of blockchain technology and smart contracts.
This ecosystem is designed to help small and medium enterprises borrowed money from investors from all over the world where anyone can become an active participant and also earning with the development of the project and increase the value of their token.

On each territory will be created his community and have a certain level of trust received from arbitration. All team has a leader who will be responsible for the actions and decisions of its members, to monitor the execution quality of their work, check them periodically. If they cease to conform to the standards of the ecosystem, and exclude them.

In the event the investor or the borrower did not like how it handled or he has not received feedback on his query, it is possible to appeal to Debitum trust Arbitration, which will consider the case and, if necessary, to reduce the rating of an agent or his team and return to the client tokens.

In addition to these benefits, the project team enables and other financial and technical projects to join them together to solve the existing problems of financing, add your products, services, significantly increases the probability of growth of the ecosystem, the capitalization of this business and the prices of tokens Debitum.
Now there is a sale of tokens this project and I recommend you buy them if you want to earn good money or just become an investor of this idea.

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