Gym Rewards - Train and Earn at the same time!!!

Exercise and sports is one of the foundations of health and a healthy human body. Thanks to sports and simple exercises, we stimulate fat burning and convert them into positive energy, which is constantly necessary for muscle activity. When we train, simply put, we change the source of energy and put our body in order.

A healthy and attractive body is not only a beauty, but also a part of our moral and spiritual state, no matter who says it really is. We constantly hear from many people that they are not satisfied with their bodies and physical condition, all of them in one voice refer to the lack of time and lack of money to visit the gym, there is a category of people who say that this is a waste of time and they do not need it. But still exercise should be an integral part of our lives.

There are two ways to put the body in order:

1.Various diets.

2.Stable gym session and sports activities.

The difference is that the diet will not add to your physical condition and tightened muscles. The body will not develop in different aspects. Each method has its advantages of course, but they have a common disadvantage - it costs.

Proper nutrition and fitness facilities are not cheap pleasure, but if you are offered to earn on physical activity and on the development of your body, will you refuse. More loads-more earnings.

Now this is feasible due to the project GymRewards that is easy to put your laziness aside.
The question of income here depends on the value of physical activity. Playing sports with GymRewards, you can call the thin side of psychology and cunning to motivate people to actively exercise.

The idea of the GymRewards project is to create a decentralized mobile application specifically for sports and physical development, which is blockchain technology. It is known that for the mining of other cryptocurrencies, powerful computers are used, they are also called farms, in this case - only your body and desire to train will help to get the cryptocurrency Gym Coin, which is the main means of payment of GymRewards. What you need to do:become a user by simply installing the GymRewards app, and then, thanks to proof of blockchain-related exercises, you'll have to register the completed exercises.
Also on the platform there is a function Gymrewards Exchange, which will allow you to make an exchange with other users of the gym. The project offers a variety of options for earning tokens not only through your body and exercise, you can also become a member and promote GymRewards through a referral program. All data of your heart rate, loads and exercises will be tracked, you will have your own database, which you can view at any time

For example, will pass any sporting events, you are sending information in GymRewards. After their consent, advertise and inform the contestants, thanks to the QR-code in the application. In exchange, you receive 5% of each participant in the competition who worked with the GymRewards app.

It is not necessary to be a professional athlete enough to perform simple physical exercises. Locate the room near you, where GymRewards and start earning, don't forget that you can earn on contracts.

GymRewards motivation project and sports activities. Undoubtedly, it will have a good prospect in the sports industry.GymRewards gives the opportunity for a free sports by acquiring tokens Gymcoin and cannot be missed. The most widespread use of the idea will be in large cities and megacities, where physical activity among people is reduced. Practice everywhere, run, jump, swim, improve your health and replenish your wallet, and GymRewards will only support you in this. Train, earn and be healthy!

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