GYM Rewards! Your best chance to earn cryptocurrency!

The life of modern man, in many cases, deprived of one important component of good health – movement. Sedentary work, long trips in transport, inactive leisure-all this contributes to many diseases. But to maintain good health you must exercise only 2-3 times per week. No matter what kind of sport a person is engaged in: football, tennis, cycling or roller skating, or maybe just training in the gym, exercise will have a beneficial effect on health, well-being and efficiency.

When we start training, we are inspired by our goals, get the first results and continue to visit the gym several months a week. But then comes the time when you miss one workout, then the second and then the whole week. And why does the stability of classes and discipline stop? And the fact is that in our time people need money for life and not everyone can afford to spend time on fitness so constantly, unless of course they are professional athletes.

Therefore, we face a choice either to combine it, but to spend less time on physical activity or just stop. But this is not the right choice, because the most important thing in our lives is still health. Fortunately, there is an excellent way out of this situation - is a project of the GYM Rewards, which made a lot of surprises that you loved the sport forever and was able to give it much more time.
The aim of the project creating a decentralized platform on the technology of the blockchain, cryptocurrency where you can make extra money by performing normal physical exercise, training, athletic activity and fitness. That is, for the extraction of this digital currency, you become a farm yourself and, depending on the activity, you can receive it as much as you want and exchange it with other members of this amazing ecosystem.

Look just how many pleasant opportunities there are: if you are already such an active fan of training, then you will combine useful with the function of earning money, in addition to receiving discounts on certain services depending on the number of these tokens, exchange them for such top-end cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum, buy services for them, goods on this platform. See it on this picture:
User interaction on this platform, it will be all very profitable and the motivation will only be high. The sports industry is developing now very powerfully: just look how the interest in a healthy lifestyle and fitness has risen thanks to the well-known Crossfit games, more and more popular weightlifters are involved in new emerging areas.

The capitalization of this industry is several trillion dollars, as it covers a lot of areas: food, sports clothing, online courses, advertising, brands, programs of training and therefore should pay special attention to this idea. Evidence of your activity will be recorded in the blockchain and in return you get gym tokens.

All this will work on one mobile application, the team has already applied for a patent of this invention. Here will be implemented and a social network that will develop harmoniously, and also you can get rewarded for referring other people.
The idea is very attractive and promising as in making a profit, in terms of helping other people to reach a new level of life and in motivation to go in for sports.

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