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Currently, the entertainment industry offers us a variety of leisure activities: culture, sports, recreation, and of course any needs at your expense. In most cases, many leisure activities reduce your wallet, and this kind of gambling, gives not only a sea of thrills and a pleasant pastime, but also the opportunity to make money on them. Now it is not necessary to leave the house for carrying out such leisure, the smartphone, the computer and an exit to the Internet is enough.

Advantages of gambling are:

1.Fast money with minimal financial investment.

2.Getting full of adrenaline.

3.Allows you to learn how to analyze different possibilities.

4.Round the clock operation of such services.

The disadvantages include the loss of time frames and complete immersion in gambling. Despite this trend, everything seems to be fine, but the sphere of gambling services does not allow small companies to develop, establishing a kind of monopolism with a limited number of offices, which makes it impossible to control the transparency of work.

Project Joy token provided its decision, which will fully compete with the players with no budget for advertising. Blockchain technology is the basis of this platform, where there will be games for money.
The blockchain is used to create a report of the results of the games and their winnings. Customers are given full transparency of the games, thus developers can not work dishonestly. Register on the platform and offer your idea can be any developer, after certain procedures and compliance with the rights of players is allowed to Joy token.

The implementation of smart contracts plays a key role on the platform. When a player wins, the money is transferred to his account, and if you lose the money is distributed between the developer and Joy token. The main means of payment is a token of JOY.

What are the advantages of Joy token:

1.No doubt a quick withdrawal, in contrast to the other, where the output can take several days.

2.Transparency of all processes.

3.Earn on investments in Token of Joy, not just for the gambling.

4.The ability of small developers to reach the world level.

Thus, Joy token makes the game not only gambling, but also enjoyable, knowing that there is a guarantee of safety and observance of your rights. With Joy token winnings will become real.

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