PumaPay - Comprehensive Blockchain Billing Protocol!

Hey, guys! Recently went to my friend, who for the past three or four years ago opened a business selling cosmetics and hairdressing equipment. Everything is going well, but when I began to ask about how they use payment terminals from the current banking systems, it just horrified.

Trade turnover in his year somewhere is 10 million rubles(I live in Russia) and more than 60% of the payment goes through the banking terminal, which takes about 2-3% of each payment, if you count, it comes out about 120 000 - 180 000 rubles. Just for making the payment. In our country, people can live on this amount per year. I think it's just a robbery for such a simple action!

Still I don't like that these banks issue credit cards and when you remove cash from them, also for it take the Commission not only that under the contract already you owe them percent for the credit, and in this case add and thus the person will drive in big debts and it is possible to tell even that hold in slavery!

Another point is used and scammers, for many years creating Trojans specifically for the banking system, which fall on the computer or smartphone user, and thus easily get access to the details.

There are many methods, and the most common is phishing, when malicious attachments come to your mail or phone. It is very widely used skills of social engineering when criminals masquerade as the banks and the payment system and the regulatory bodies to force the user to link to either download a malicious application that easily breaks or do you just enter a password.

Not always in order to pick up the Trojan, the user must take some action, sometimes infected sites themselves, and the user, just by accessing this resource, lets a hacker through a browser vulnerability. I came to the conclusion that it is time to find a more reliable and economical alternative for making payments, because the benefit is already on the sly in many areas of our lives includes payment using digital money! And fortunately, met a multifunctional billing Protocol called PumaPay!
And going to their website, I'm not wrong in my choice, because the project team conducted a private sale of tokens and their benefits are so aroused interest among investors that they have collected more than 117 million dollars! See the picture below:
Why such excitement was caused by this Protocol:

-it is a free open source software created on the basis of blockchain technology, which allows you to accurately, safely and anonymously record all payments, that is, you can easily make transfers, other financial transactions in any volume and to any country without fear(for the average user, this is a very big plus, as for me);

-for business owners, businesses, it has a very simple and intuitive set of tools and it will be easy to integrate into your infrastructure, get rid of paper checks, credit cards;

-this code no one can crack and therefore excludes the attacks of fraud and theft of customer data;

-will be able to make payments, transfers without intermediaries in the form of banking and electronic payment systems without large commissions.

Also I noticed that the PumaPay protocol has big multifunctionality which easily will allow me to make micropayments for light, trainings, subscription because sometimes I forget and it is necessary to pay penalties. Here all this can be easily set up for regular, single and limited payments.

Thanks to the already collected amount, the team will actively try to introduce the use of billing in everyday life, which will help people to more easily understand the benefits of digital money, increase the number of users and access to financial services for many people. Many well-known companies have already started cooperation with them!
We all make purchases of goods and services every day, not always thinking about the safety of our data, so it's time to spend our money more wisely, save with the help of this project!

More information you can find on these links:

Website: https://pumapay.io/

Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2658299.0

Whitepaper: https://ru.pumapay.io/docs/pumapay_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram group: https://t.me/PumaPay

My bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184171

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