Stealthcrypto! How to secure your personal data or earn from them!

How do you assess your own personal data of consumers of products and services of digital companies? Interestingly, at a time when many people are fiercely opposed to corporations using their private data, only a few are willing to pay for their privacy.

The need to ensure the security of personal data in our time is an objective reality. Information about a person has always been of great value, but today it has become the most expensive product. Information in the hands of a fraudster turns into a tool of crime, in the hands of a dismissed employee-a means of revenge, in the hands of an insider – a product for sale to a competitor... That is why personal data needs the most serious protection.

The need to take measures to protect personal data is also caused by the increased technical capacity to copy and distribute information. The level of information technology has reached a point where self-defence of information rights is no longer an effective remedy against attacks on privacy. Modern man is no longer physically able to escape from all the diversity of clearly or implicitly used against him technical devices of collection and processing of data on people.

With the development of e-Commerce and accessible means of mass communication, the potential for abuse related to the use of collected and accumulated information about a person has also increased. Appeared and effectively used by hackers integration and fast processing of personal data that threaten the rights and legitimate interests of man.

On their personal data can be very good money, there is also the issue of storage and other very important classified information, which are sometimes even regular such well-known services trust, with most of the central management body.
Stealthcrypto - the project, which creates a centralized platform for storing personal data on cloud services, voice communications, the use of mail messengers, and this is not the whole list of features that will be implemented here.

All of them will eliminate the shortcomings of existing applications in these areas, and this is mainly: poor communication quality, loss of money on commissions with intermediaries, low capacity and volume of servers used, theft of personal information.

Here, each participant will be able to bring great benefits for the development of this ecosystem both in terms of providing its computer capacity for cloud storage and personal data for large corporations, firms in order to receive only relevant and necessary information on goods and services, which greatly helps and reduces the time spent in finding the target client.

You become the seller and the owner of the data, choose who you want to open them. This move allows you to further increase their value and be in demand in the market. And that gets you tokens this platform, which can then be sold on the stock exchanges, to purchase any goods or services, get discounts.
Development experience in all these areas the members of the project is very large and there are experts technology. Now they are selling their tokens and plan to develop and connect more countries to this ecosystem. The price of a token 1$ and until March 18 you can buy with a bonus of 30%.

With the experience of using the Internet services and getting viruses in different sites, I began to understand how important it is to protect personal data and the idea of this project will be able to solve it.

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