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Privacy plays an important role in our lives. When the technology was not so developed, we kept all our photos, important papers, information on paper, and it was available only to us. But with the development of digital technologies, we have ceased to use the old methods of storing their data, now everything is kept on smartphones, computers and other digital media, that is, the issue of confidentiality is reduced to zero. Even your communication on the phone can listen to third parties and you do not even know.

Our life has become completely electronic, and all transactions to confirm our identity go through our mobile phone, whether it is a Bank,subscription or various promotions, thus our information can become public.

Large giants in the field of such technologies in the production of products as if no longer rely on the quality of services provided, but on the number of goods sold and the security of your information, which can be on your smartphone. This is due to the fact that companies produce one product, and communication services are provided by other companies, and they are not responsible to each other. And imagine a smartphone that combines all these features. And the solution for this is now - StealthCrypto - project of the future.
What does StealthCrypto offer?
Mobile phones and smartphones are an integral part of our lives, storage of our information and personal data. Recently, cases of identity theft and their appearance on the Internet have become more frequent. And we understand that is not protected from the threats of possession of our information.

The company StealhGrid develops and tests a fully encrypted mobile phones and their subsequent release to the world market. This idea with the use of blockchain and mobile phone technology can be called a trend of confidentiality.

Without a doubt, these mobile devices will enjoy great success from users around the world now and in the future. This technology is fully decentralized mobile communication, instead of centralized, that in itself is a good impetus in this area.

Mobile device StealhCrypto due to the whole technological chain network will have an integrated management center of confidentiality. Only the user will have access to it. Technology will have the possibility to use such functions as virtual wallet with access to some cryptoexchanges.

The main focus of the project is confidentiality and end - to-end encryption of video, audio calls, text e-mails. Stealth Grid team consists of the best specialists in different fields. Due to the introduction of Quatinum and Secure Digital Identity, ensuring the safety and Quatinum Cyber (through encryption) makes the project unique.

The first testing of these mobile devices has been successful, and funding is expected on a large scale. Not knowing the price of this mobile phone, we can tell it the place to be in the modern world and in large volumes.

I think this project is very promising and successful due to their idea and emphasis on the safety of our data in all its manifestations. StealhCrypto has implemented very sophisticated technologies and features for our peace of mind. Maybe these mobile phones will not go on sale tomorrow or today, but in the near future it will happen. StealhCrypto think confidently will take this niche, as privacy in our time is a very valuable product.

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