Wemark - Earn money on photos!

Nowadays, photography business is becoming more and more relevant topic, and the number of people in this area is increasing. There are a number of problems in this segment, often high-quality photos are very expensive, but not every photographer can boast of a good profit from the work done. Cooperating with large companies in this area, the owner of the photos, concluding the contract, loses more than 75% of the profit.

The solution to this problem for photographers and the conclusion of this segment to the highest level is the project Wemark.

Wemark is a decentralized blockchain-based platform for hosting digital content. Wemark will bring together all market participants, directly eradicating intermediaries.

There are large corporations in the industry, which almost completely control this segment and impose their own rules. In this case, the photographer has no right to choose the work that he has done and agrees to give the company will be worth a penny. Such companies practically kill and nullify all work of the photographer, all enthusiasm for work and favourite business to which devoted a lot of time.

This happens for some reason:

-The price for the work. Companies set their own prices for the work of the photographer, and they are not interested in how much the author evaluates his work. The maximum that the author can fuck with selling photos is 15-20%.

-License. By entering into a contract with a company, the author loses his involvement in this work, in turn, the company can repeatedly sell this product to third parties. The author will not know, and especially no payment for it will not receive.

Wemark is the project that will help the authors to retain most of the advantages. Licensing, this project retains the work of photographers who will transfer companies, but all rights will remain with the creator. Without great popularity and recognition, the author will be able to quickly reach the level and acquire important customers.
The main advantages of The wemark project:

-The author retains the identity and attachment to the work and regulates the price for his work.

-Referral attraction of new participants in this project

-Transparency platform Wemark. This platform gives a 100% guarantee that the author will be able to track their work and how much he gets for the use of a particular company.

Reward for the work done by the author will receive tokens Wemark. Wemark is a promising project with a team of professionals.I believe that team this head and heart of project, often one the idea of lacks for embodiment in reality.

More information you can find on these links:

Website: https://www.wemark.com/

Telegram group: https://t.me/wemark

Bitcointalk bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3293253

My bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1184171

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