Zero Carbon Project -Tackling Climate Change Using Blockchain!

Climate change is a serious long-term threat that could affect all parts of the globe. Everyone knows that the increased demand for and use of fossil-fuel energy, as well as other human activities, contribute greatly to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions associated with warming on our planet.

There is, of course, relative uncertainty about the scientific findings on climate change, but it is enough for us to start acting now to reduce and completely stop emissions, and then reverse the trend of increasing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

Agree, we do not see CO2. On the one hand, it is an invisible threat, but it is quite real. This means an increase in global temperatures, an increase in the number of extreme weather events such as floods, melting ice, rising sea levels and an increase in the acidity of the oceans, all of which adversely affect the environment and human health.

If climate warming does not stop, many ecosystems, the species they contain will become less diverse, less saturated. Nearly half of plant and animal species are projected to disappear as their habitat changes faster than they can adapt to these changes. I can say, that we are on the threshold of an environmental disaster and only we can eliminate it.

Fortunately, this problem is taken to solve the Zero Carbon project, whose team works with Beyond group, which is a carbon and consultancy centre and caters to well-known companies like Capita, Knight Frank and Salford City Counci.
And so, the team creates a decentralized platform-a market, where energy producers with zero carbon emissions can directly sell their product to customers, allowed fuel from fossil fuels, but subject to payment of taxes(compensation).

Thus, the project will increase the number of suppliers with the best prices, create healthy competition, help the development of renewable green energy, as it is more useful from an environmental point of view, but still expensive. Thanks to blockchain technology, not only domestic producers will be able to participate in the development of this useful ecosystem, but also businesses from around the world.

Also to this project we will get a lot of benefits:

-availability of safe, reliable and affordable sources of energy, essential for economic stability and development;

-the reduction of pollution contributes to the protection of public health and ecosystems. It will help to combat respiratory diseases, reduce health care costs and increase life expectancy, improve the quality of air and water;

-about 2 billion people will have access to modern energy services;

-share best practices, ideas and developments between better and cleaner energy suppliers;

-motivate local energy producers to receive funds for the development of their enterprises.

All operations on the site will be carried out with the help of Energis tokens, they can be obtained for registration by purchasing the first contract on the platform, consuming energy and inviting new users. I will be very happy that carbon dioxide emissions will decrease significantly, and even in cities it will be much easier for people to breathe.

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