Crest Tokens: DigiAd platform that pays passive daily income

The Crest DigiAd Platform / Crest Token
The Crest DigiAd Platform / Crest Token is an online marketing and advertising platform that generates daily returns by allocating Crest utility tokens to run multiple ad campaigns. We have developed a powerful and easy-to-use DigiAd campaign platform running on an independent ad server with self-learning self-learning algorithms.

The Crest Platform combines the power of online marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) and is designed to generate revenue for members of the Crest community by allocating Crest utility tokens to multiple marketing and advertising campaigns rather than to generate revenue for the community.

Our business model is completely independent of the volatility of cryptocurrency.
A platform fully developed at the closing of the ICO.
Daily community updates via e-mail and active social platforms.
We will not keep your Bitcoin or Ethereum during ICO.
Lower purchase limit and higher during ICO.
Crest token info
Our chip will be the pledge of ERC20.
Heart CSTT
Main date of the ICO: May 30 to June 27
Pre-sale ICO Token 1,000,000
Total chips
Accept ETH and BTC
Pre-ICO date May 24 (1:00 GMT) - May 30 (1:00 GMT)
Token price $ 0.25 / CSTT - $ 1.85 / CSTT
Main OIC Tokens 6,400,000
Min / Max Personal Cap 20/1500 CSTT (Round Hanging)
Follow the steps given to participate in the ICO
Sign up or sign in to your Crest account
Follow the instructions on your ICO dashboard
Set ETH or BTC to the address provided in your dashboard
Get your CSTT token on your ERC20 compatible wallet
It is done! It is done! It is done!

Sales token

Using the results

Generate Returns with Crest Token:
You get 10% of the capital of the DigiAd campaign from users you present directly on our orm platform.
Spying allows members to earn a monthly dividend in the form of a CSTT token (up to 10%).
We generate revenue for our members by allocating the monetary value of their Crest token to fund advertising campaigns on our DigiAd platform. You can earn between 1.75% and 2.25% daily for 89 to 179 days.
Please note that your initial capital is included in exchange for daily payments.

Spying allows members to earn a monthly dividend in the form of a CSTT token (up to 10%).
Trade in CSTT tokens in internal and external exchanges. Due to the popularity of our expected platform and the value of the use to be made, we expect the CSTT tokens will be exchanged for 100X ICO in 12 months of full launch of the platform.
Please note that the Crest platform will not handle any trading activity on our stock exchange. The true value of the Crest token at any given time will be determined by market forces (supply and demand).

For more information, visit our official website and receive the latest news on social media:
White Paper:


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