Medical, welfare and personal care accessible to all, at any time and anywhere in the world. It is no longer a utopia. This is the vision of flyCARE.

What is flyCARE?
flyCARE offers personal care service providers a unique solution that integrates a contact platform and applications, but also, through flyBOX, all the hardware and consumables necessary to run the service.

a triple revolution: for the patient, the practitioner and the care industry.
Unlock access to care while offering new opportunities for professionals (flyPRO).
Who has not dreamed of being treated directly at the dentist, in the office or on the weekend? FlyCare reinvents home care as a viable alternative to office care. This project was born of recognition: the transport of goods and of all people. The bank and the hotel industry have been transformed by connected objects and social networks. However, today's home care is badly adapted to new habits of care and consumption in the face of an increasingly flexible and mobile economy.

FlyCare is an application that allows you to make an appointment in a simple way to receive care at home. The FlyBox, meanwhile, is a material designed for home care, ergonomic, hygienic and adaptable to several professions (dentistry, chiropody, hairdressing, etc. 21 professions in total to date). Quality care for everyone, at any time, anywhere, at the best price, after a click.

The combination of a revolutionary FlyBox hardware, a FlyCare application and a logistics platform allows the multiplication of services. For the caregiver, it is a complete, easy-to-use solution that allows to carry out a new activity, in parallel or full time, without major investments. For the patient, it is the opportunity to receive, at home or anywhere, quality care, a competitive price without travel concerns or organization for all individuals and families.

Funded with 2 million euros of own funds, this project will be launched in 2018. The industrialization phase has already begun.

ERC20 chips
The flyCARE platform will use the FCC token as a means of payment.

Smart contracts
They rely on Blockchain technology to make their terms and conditions of their executions tamper-proof.

Integrity of transaction
The registration of transactions (in FCC) will be done in an inviolable register shared by all users, ensuring their permanent traceability.

Automated validation
The flyCARE platform will automatically verify that the conditions are met and then execute the terms of the contract accordingly (debit the customer's digital asset and credit the flyPROs).

FlyCare product

Roadmap 2015

January 2015
Launch of the flyCARE / flyBOX project
€ 100,000

March 2015
Completion of the specifications brochure for flyCARE, mechanical, electronic flyBOX

June 2015
First design design flyCARE Apps and flyBOX
€ 200,000

September 2015
First prototype of flyCARE and flyBOX applications
€ 300,000

December 2015
Second prototype of flyCARE and flyBOX applications

Roadmap 2016-2017

June 2016
Launch of the manufacture of injection tools, plastics and others for flyBOX, 25 in total
€ 800,000

December 2016
First delivery of injection parts

March 2017
Second validation of injection molds
€ 1,200,000

March 2017
First new flyBOX set

April 2017
Final validation of the flyCARE and flyBOX application
€ 1,500,000

Roadmap 2017-2018

June 2017
Launch of flyBOX manufacturing
€ 2,000,000

September 2017
Launch of purchases for mass production

November 2017
The ICO project began

March 1, 2018
Opening of the flyCARE company in Brussels, Belgium
€ 2,300,000

May 2, 2018
Opening of the flyCARE and White Paper website


May 7, 2018
Opening registration procedure for pre-sales
€ 2,300,000

May 14, 2018
the previous sale begins
ICO flyCARE coins

June 11, 2018
Main sales,
ICO flyCARE coins

July 14, 2018
ICO sales closing

Sept, 2018
Deployment in the city 1

ROADMAP - 2019

12 2018
Deployment in cities 2> 5

01 2019
Deployment in cities 6> 10

03 2019
Deployment in cities 7> 11

06 2019
Deployment in cities 12> 16

09 2019
Deployment in cities 17> 21

12 2019
Deployment in cities 22> 25

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