Global Risk Exchange: a fundamentally new insurance system

Hello everybody! I want to tell you today about a cool project on blocking technology - Global Risk Exchange (abbreviated to "GRE")

GRE is a decentralized platform, created to facilitate the generation and reduction of all kinds of risks, both to large companies and individuals.

GRE undertakes to manage and eliminate all risks (insurance and production markets). Thus, this platform will become the basis for insurance of all transactions for blocking technology.
The main instruments to combat risks on the platform will be 2 tools:
Smart contracts and orcales

Thanks to this decision, on risk management, all transactions will be conditioned by clear requirements, with flexible insurance coverage included in them.

Another important decision was the use of a decentralized exchange, with blocking technology that could solve the problem with risk management contracts.

The scheme looks like this:
Users. who need insurance, sell risks, insurers take these risks and get tokens, and contractors who measure risks.

Thus, the pricing of risks is built, the market value is the totality of all 3 participants.

Global Risk Exchange will create an absolutely new trading platform for the risk management industry on blocking technology.

At the same time, this platform will become the foundation for pricing, trading and risk assessment in the crypto-currency world as a whole.

Our future always involves possible risks, it is impossible to predict 100% of what is expected in the future. The main mitigating factor in this matter can be just - risk management with the use of various insurances.

The risk management industry occupies a rather large part of global financial transactions around the world. Only in 2017, gross transactions reached a mark of almost $ 5 trillion. and this amount will grow every year in an increased progression.
The main problems in this industry to this day, is the high cost associated with a high barrier for the entry of new users, the presence of intermediaries and various commissions, paid channels. This all and creates a high cost of hedging risks.

The lack of confidentiality of the participants' data is also an important problem faced by users. Possible theft and copying of personal information about users.
One more problem is the product design, or rather its absence, associated with simple copying from each other and the absence of one's personal face. And one more problem is the length of the approval process, it can take weeks, sometimes even months.

GRE Project Solutions
Establishment of a decentralized mechanism for coordinating orders for establishing risk management contracts
All the whole restructuring of the contract of insurance and management of the act
Absence of intermediaries
Insurance chain adjustment
Open Access to the Market
Smart contract (created to settle token turnover)

Features of the GRE platform
High performance (using special tools Graphene, thanks to which GRE can reach about 1.5 seconds to confirm the unit and 100,000 transactions per second (TPS))
Mass support (Support for all types of users such as: personal computers, mobile devices API and SDK)
Highly effective (the Platform has updated and modernized all components of insurance using the API and the oracle, thereby reducing the cost of risk management in general)
Information on Tokens GRE: RISK
The main Token on the platform will be a specially created drop-in - RISK, with the Ethereum base and the ERC20 standard.

The RISK token will be available for purchase at BTC, ETH and other crypto-currencies.

The RISK token will be used for various mutual settlements, rewards, payment of transactions on the platform.

With the help of the platform, exchange dealers will be able to operate with RISK tokens, as collateral for issuing stable coins on the market.

Token symbol: RISK

Price of the token: 1 ETH = 100,000 RISK

Total issue: 10,000,000,000 RISK

Blocking period: No

Soft Cap: 2,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH

Start: May 20, 2018 End: June 20, 2018

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