MonsterBit ICO review - Let's repeat HYIP of crypto-seals ?!

Progress does not stand still and a young team from Russia decided to make Fork of the game "Cryptocotics". They do not hide this, because in order to achieve success, it is necessary to take the successful product as the basis. They called their project - "MONSTRBIT" and this game is quite worthy to take its niche and win the audience's love. These are funny monsters, very similar to those of the "Monsters Corporation", which unlike "Kotikov" can generate food, grow from small to large and fight among themselves for a free opportunity to eat. The similarity of these projects is that you can give friends to monsters and you will get offspring, which you can then sell and get a crypto currency.

And now let me tell you more about this wonderful game.
First you need to purchase your monster. For purchase, the Ephirium Crypto currency and the internal CF token are accepted (I will describe it in more detail below). In the store there are monsters of different kinds, generations and ages. Of course, the price will be different.

After buying the monster will need to "pump out." To do this, you need to develop it and feed it. To do this, there is a special store, where the entire range of food is presented, starting from French fries, ending with big-poppies and pizza (the whole McDonalds in the range). Feeding is possible as well as for free, and for money. What is the difference between "free" and "paid feeding"? For free we will watch advertising, as it happens in any online game.

But with the development of your monster, its value also increases, and the opportunity to sell it will give you the chance not only to "repulse" your money, but also to earn money on it. Fat and adult monsters are able to multiply. This will give even more revenue due to the sale of "newly-baked".

Well, we developed our monster, then what? And what about the fun? To do this, the game made weapons and fights!

For internal monetary exchange, developers have created their own MV token. The sale of tokens occurs in 3 stages (or rounds):

The first round has already been completed, during this time 1 million coins were sold at a price of 0.0004 each.
The second round - there will already be sold 2 million coins, but already at $ 0.5 per each.
And in the third round, 3 million tokens have already been put up for sale, each of which will cost from $ 1 to $ 2.

Token MV gives you the right to buy System monsters that generate the system.

They do not need to develop and multiply, they will initially be sold only for tokens and will generate the system. In the future, the possibility of selling them in the store will be realized. What do these "VIP" masters know how?
1 - Generate a commission from the operations conducted in the monster store by the players.
2 - Generate monsters GEN 0 with the subsequent possibility to sell them in the store for ETH.
3 - Generate food that can also be sold to players.
4 - Generate weapons, as well as ammunition for them with subsequent sale.
That is, System monsters will essentially create all game characters and objects. With them, and the whole game will begin.
In the future, the earned tokens can be transferred to the exchange, where you can sell them for any other crypto currency.

To summarize, I want to say: yes, MonsterBit was copied from CryptoKitties and the authors do not hide it. Why invent and experiment, we take a successful HYIP project and improve it - that's the key to success. Not everyone will understand the concept of crypto. Yes, that is far to go, not everyone understands the essence of crypto-currency. But, MonsterBit will satisfy a fairly wide audience. Those who want to play for fun - will do it. Someone will grow their monster, sell it and earn good money, if they want, can do it repeatedly. Advertisers will get potential customers. Well, the developers and investors of the project will get their planned profit.

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