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Today I want to share with you the project KitToken - a project that deals with the development of the most reliable payment systems, around the world. The emergence and development of blockade technologies entails global changes and improvements in the existing financial ecosystem. At present, FinTech, using innovative technologies, is trying to radically change and optimize the financial services provided.

The KitToken project is no exception, the team from Malaysia is developing an alpha version of the KitToken platform. In September 2018 the company plans to release the final version of the wallet for mobile devices and browsers. This is an independent financial system with a P2P transaction, based on an open source platform called KitPay. Users will fully own their wallet, which will be able to store and sell KitToken. The project token is the key driving force behind the project. In the future, when the KitToken platform is distributed in the market, a token and related infrastructure will perform a number of important functions. In place of fiat money, the modern and convenient payment service kitpay can come with time.

ICO Details

With a view to further developing the project, the team conducts the ICO.
The preliminary sale of KitToken (KIT), which began on July 20-31, was quite successful. The company collected a software in the amount of 5,000,000 dollars. By the way, the project's hardcage is set at around $ 175,000,000.
The basic ICO is already at the first stage, which began on 01 August and will last until 10 August, during this period tokens can be purchased with a 30% bonus.
The second stage of the ICO will start from August 11 and will last until August 20, the bonus for the purchase will be 20%.

Total released tokens-8 billion KIT
Platform: ERC20 (platform Ethereum)
Selected for sales -3.5 billion
Reserve - 2.5 billion
Airdrop + bonuses - 2 billion
Price: 1 KIT = 0.05 USD.
The minimum amount to buy tokens is $ 100. Payments are accepted in the main crypto-currencies BTC, ETH, BTC, DOGE, LTC, and also in about 50 crypto-currencies. Bank transfers and payments on credit / debit cards using PayPal.

Token distribution:
45% - for sale
20% - research and development
15% marketing
10% - team and advisers
10% - reserve.
The company conducts the Bounty program, which will last only 3 weeks, will end on August 23. The total amount of rewards is 12,000,000 Tokens Kit costing 600,000 dollars. Everyone can take part and help in the advertising company.



The project will be of interest to many, as KitPay payment systems are a decentralized ecosystem, the safest and fastest transfers around the world, which is always relevant for users. Also, interesting prospects for the owners of tokens who will profit from their tokens through the POS system, and also participate in the distribution of profits from the financial statements of KitToken.

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