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The market of games in the modern world is very developed. Often, most people spend their leisure time playing computer games. But, of course, everyone wants to spend time with benefit and at the same time with a pleasant pastime to earn money. The computer game MonsterBit offers users this opportunity. Being an analogue of the modern game, the product MonsterBit is supplemented with interesting additions and functions and will interest users with colorful design and user-friendly interface. The essence of the game is that the user has a monster. This character can grow up and multiply. The source for this is food, which is sold in the grocery store platform. The main favorite meal of monsters are hamburgers - the main product in the store. The platform is multilingual and will be available in many countries around the world.

The main idea on the platform is the development of the monster. As the monster grows, its owner can sell it. Only large and well-fed monsters can breed. And here the opportunity of earnings is realized. Sell ​​food to other users only holders of the system's crypto currency, which can be purchased with a good discount at the project's cruse-shower.

In the work of the game, the main role is played by system monsters that generate the platform. These monsters can not grow up and multiply - they are based on all the work and you can buy them only for the platform's crypto currency - MB tokens. Through these monsters, users can open food stores for simple monsters, generate monsters themselves. A successfully developed monster can also be sold in the store. This is how the way of earning on the platform for investors of the project looks. Later, the platform developers plan to withdraw their crypto currency into external exchanges in order to distribute the project.

A total of 7.5 million tokens were issued, of which 6 million were for sale, 1.25 million for the project team and 0.25 tokens for the bounty campaign. Pre-sales are held in three rounds. Now the third round of the project is running, which will last until June 26. The price of one token varies from 1 to 2 dollars depending on the time of purchase. 1 platform token corresponds to 1 system monster. All transactions in the system go to ETH based on Ethereum.

Also, any registered user can earn on advertising. To do this, you need to purchase a monster and specify in the settings that it is advertising. Advertising monsters will advertise the necessary goods and for this its owner will receive real money.

Another direction of the game is the network battle of monsters among themselves. The goal of the battle is the extraction of food, the weapon of an opponent or the extraction of the monster itself. Weapons, like food, can be purchased at a store or get a view of advertising. The reward for the winner is selected by the players immediately before each battle.

Also on MonsterBit you can order a plush or interactive toy with a liked monster. The platform provides delivery of toys to the house. The toys have a rather attractive appearance and will enjoy the undoubted success of the players.

After the completion of the crowdsdale and the collection of investments, a food and arms store will be available on MonsterBit. By the end of August 2018, MonsterBit will be fully launched with all the sounded functionality. By October 1, the mobile application MonsterBit will be launched.

Thus, the MonsterBit platform provides its users with an interesting game where everyone will find their own sphere for themselves - players will enjoy the game, investors get the opportunity to earn. The game MonsterBit is already at the top of the rankings among network players, despite the fact that only the beta version of the project is running. MonsterBit has every chance of success, as the creators have expanded the team of programmers and the game interface is constantly updated.


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