SUBAJ a mutually beneficial trading platform for all parties

Subage is a decentralized platform and market, various companies, merchants, merchants and service providers can participate in their mutual benefit. Participants create their respective crypto tokens and serve customers as loyalty profits on the Suzhou blockchain platform.

Subabz Global Network creates a unique global blockchain ecosystem using mobile-based techniques for online payments, promotions and reward shared programs. This is the distribution blocking platform that generates a vast market for businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers to participate in their mutual interests.

Sujaz Platform has led to innovative technologies such as Social Gamability, Agenda Reality and Geodrome Technology. This platform revolutionizes millions of customers' shopping experience through its state-of-the-art loyalty reward sharing system.

The advantages of Suzaz
World spread
Globe is a wide range of merchants, traders and retail stores across the globe

Flexible gift system
Enjoy a simple loyalty reward system using SBJ tokens.

Get Hot Offers, Discounts and Gift Vouchers from merchants in your area through GeoDrop.

Real time communication
Keep in touch with your customers whenever you want.

Global acceptance
Take SBJ for any exchange in the world and trade them to the FIAT currency.

Pokemon Go Concept
Look for different types of discount & gift programs offered by merchants while traveling through different areas.

Subage mobile app
The SUBAJ mobile app is going to change the millions of customers' shopping experience through its flabbergasting features and functionality. This app has the power of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies such as Geodrop, Agnetized Reality and Social Light. It serves all customers as well as merchants in a variety of ways.

Subscription Charity Program
The Subaje Charity Foundation is a great goal of providing loser and weak children in society. It is our organization's effort to reduce poverty level and create a more meaningful world from discrimination, sexism, racism and inequality.

It is a platform for better education in rural areas, improving medical facilities, and expanding public awareness by taking humanitarian projects. Subscription is a voucher in any store at Subbas Global Network every time the donation of a small percentage of his tokens to the Subjara Charity Foundation.


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