Eternal Trusts as a blockchain platform for asset management by means of crypto currencies

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In ancient times it was believed that you can take care of your soul after death with the help of wills. It was called Mental Literacy. Today this process is provided with the participation of several people and has some difficulties. Blockchain technology makes this process more accessible. Now we will talk about the project Eternal Trusts, which deals with this issue and is now conducting ICO, which is of particular interest from cryptocurrency supporters. Because it solves one of the most pressing problems of our time.

This market is called trust management. This is exactly the situation when the initiator wants his property to be disposed of in a certain way after the occurrence of certain circumstances. These circumstances include the drafting of a will. Today this process is provided with the participation of a notary, it requires certain time and risk. It is not always convenient to make wills when a person is in a deranged state, for example. This is used by black realtors, extortionists and other scammers. In addition, often wills are contested in court in favor of the state, if they reveal signs of violation of the law. The next problem is cryosis. This service appeared relatively recently. Its essence is to freeze the living body of a person for several tens, hundreds or thousands of years, until technology allows you to safely remove a person from the frozen state, so that he continues his life. To ensure the transition of a person's financial condition into the future, a certain formal procedure is also necessary. The next point is working with personal funds. Type of action when funds are accumulated on accounts before the expiration of a certain period. It looks like a bank deposit, but the funds are not stored in any one account, but in different assets, which requires management. This market today is changing in tens of trillions of dollars a year.

Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform for trust management of assets through crypto currency. The minimum workable version of the MVP product has already been launched and it can be tested.

The advantages of the project:

  • Creation of trust management scenarios. Automatic execution of the script.
  • Pension management of funds.
  • Consulting services.
  • Voting in case of controversial decisions.
  • In Eternal Trusts, funds will be kept in such a way that they are as liquid as possible. For this purpose, experts of world level are invited to the project. To the user as little as possible worried about the safety of their funds. Contracts created on the platform have a high degree of legal protection and are provided with blockchain technology. Third parties will not be able to influence the will, contracts and other legal documents.
  • Also in Eternal Trusts there is a system of self-management DAO of three levels, which differ in the degree of influence on the system.

ICO terms and conditions:

Name of the token: ETT
Total number of tokens released: 3 000 000 000 ETT
Total number of tokens allocated for sale: 1 950 000 000 ETT
Start ICO: June 1, 2018
End of ICO: October 1, 2018
Price of the token: 1 ETT = 0.014$-0.018$-0.021$
Soft cap: $ 7 000 000
Hard cap: $ 27 000 000


Eternal Trusts is represented by experts in the legal field, as well as by technical experts of the international class. About them can say that they can do so that such a large-scale project took place.


I believe that the Eternal Trusts project should be paid attention, as it is a revolutionary idea that attracts cryptocurrency enthusiasts and is hospitably received by the community. The project team is internationally professional and is represented by experienced advisors. The project has already attracted $ 6 million. Eternal Trusts already has prototype product, which can be used. Also, the project has high ratings in listings of ICO projects. Together, this gives grounds to believe that the project will be successful and will bring public benefits for a long time.

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More information can be found here:

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