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Every person who is going to deal with crypto-currencies, faces the problem of choosing a convenient and reliable exchange, on which they could buy and sell these crypto-currencies. I myself have faced such a problem, so I understand how this issue is relevant. The fact is that there is no one "ideal exchange" - every crypto-exchange has its pluses and minuses. Therefore, the choice of the exchange for trading crypto-currencies must be approached individually in each specific case. Everything will depend on what coins you are going to buy / sell, through what payment systems are you planning to enter / withdraw funds, what amounts are you going to carry out operations on the exchange, how long do you plan to keep coins on the exchange and from many other individual factors inherent in your strategy. After all, it is obvious that the minimum requirements for a crypto-exchange market are the one, the investor has others, and the trader has the third.

Each exchange has its advantages and disadvantages. The number of exchanges is constantly growing, and the cash flow that passes through the accounts of many exchanges reaches a very high level. Most exchanges can not provide the same opportunities for users. Each user has his own interests and tokens, which he owns. If, due to a deficit or surplus of certain coins, the exchange can not satisfy the user's requirements, then the latter remains unsatisfied. Another problem is the lack of interest on the part of exchanges to coins that are not popular. This is not accidental. Since no one wants to deal with coins, which in the future will not bring results. The coin is not promising, and this means that there will be few users. As a result, projects can not make a listing of their coins. If there is an opportunity to make a listing, then the fee for this service is very high.

Some exchanges are characterized by another problem, such as the lack of news on the entire crypto currency, which is traded on their platform. We are now being limited to only the price of the token and the volume data. For the user, this is important and it would be convenient to own information that changes. Sometimes there are cases that there is a sharp increase in the price of a coin. However, it remains unclear why the price jump occurred. I believe that information about the last 24 hours order book is not enough. It is necessary to have all the information about the project, the token of which is traded on the exchange.

Nebula exchange - this is a unique cryptocurrency exchange that holds it in high esteem to treat the aforemention problems. It's going to do the community good other than just access to price, volume data and order book. It hopes to go beyond the former and be of greater good. The project is a centralized platform for the exchange of digital assets. As a result of the platform, the trader will be able to carry out more successful trading, as he will have the opportunity to own additional tools: numerous news about projects, as well as technical analysis.


The advantages of the project:

  • Application of a decentralized peer-to-peer system. As a result, the use of the peer-to-peer system each user will receive the opportunity to vote, write a comment, as well as their personal feedback and wishes.
  • The functioning of the feedback system, as well as the ratings of projects. First of all, this system will be a good tool for beginners. Fraudulent incidents will be excluded, as well as control over projects that have a minimum rating. The issue of capital protection will be successfully resolved.
  • Projects that have not been known, as well as faced with problems of listing due to the high cost of services will be able to use this site. In this case, the commission for placing the tokens will be minimal.
  • The Nebula project contains a special news feed. As a result, everyone can read the latest news about the projects.
  • High level of security. The assets of users will be securely protected thanks to a competently constructed functionality that solves the problem of protecting the funds. Tokens that will be exchanged will be legally protected assets.
  • The presence of a multicurrency system. Before the end of this year, it is planned to introduce very favorable conditions and a large number of options for buying and selling a system token.
  • Creating good conditions for margin trading.
  • Development of mobile application Nebula Exchange. In the future, this application will be available for all mobile devices iOS and Android. As a result, each user will always own all the information: news, tools, graphics and analytics. Thus, the project borders will expand geographically and new markets will join without competitors.


The project has many advantages. You see for yourself. I would like to note one more feature. I believe that this feature is the main one. Nebula Exchange is already a ready and working project. Each of us can assess the quality of the network, as well as try to carry out trading operations on the platform. The quality of the network is impressive. At the moment, the platform is just starting to gain momentum. The internal currency of the project - NESC tokens in the future will be in demand due to their deficit.

ICO Terms and Conditions:

Name of the token: NESC
Standard: erc20
Upper Cap on total tokens generated: 100 000 000
ICO: 2 rounds of ICO will be spend for investors. Investors will be able to invest on the Pre-Sale stage and the Public Sale stage
Start Pre-Sale: will be announced in the near future. Information about the beginning of Pre-Sale will be announced in the official telegram group of the project
Price of the token: 1 NESC = 0.4 USD
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: $ 500 000
Public Sale hard cap: $ 20 000 000

Road map:



The project team includes a large number of staff. Among the team there are many experienced and talented personalities. Each member of the team is a great professional in his field of activity. There was a place in teams for businessmen, experienced traders. Investors who had extensive experience in international companies are also present among the team members. More details with the whole team can be personally accessed through personal pages on the LinkedIn website.



Most projects carry out daily operations with crypto currency. Nebula Exchange will solve many problems for both novice projects and traders, as well as for more experienced ones. The project is already working, so investors' risks are minimized. Very soon the Pre-Sale stage starts, the date of which will be reported in the telegram. In order not to miss the sales phase and buy tokens at the lowest price I recommend to join. Nebula Exchange is confident that with the support of the community, it can achieve the aforementioned. I am sure beyond reasonable doubt after digesting its whitepaper that it has what it takes for the solution. Everything that will become great must first start small. There will be criticism, ups and downs. Nebula Exchange is confident that with the support of the community, it can achieve the aforementioned. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt after digesting its whitepaper that it has what it takes to profer the solution we have all been longing for. Everything that will become great must first start small. There will be criticism, ups and down but believe me this project is focused to absorb all that is thrown at it.

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