The BitGoals project is a unique decentralized crypto platform for betting on sports


BitGoals is a unique decentralized crypto platform for betting on sports! In this project you can earn by making bets on absolutely any kind of sport, while excluding intermediaries and any risk of falling on swindlers, who are now so much divorced on the Internet.

Many people who are keen on these gambling activities know about the intricacies of the current bookmakers' offices - fraud, delays in paying out winnings, blocking accounts of especially lucky players by administrators. Everything gives huge inconveniences and greatly undermines the credibility of the mechanism of bets on sports. Also a heavy registration process, high commissions for payments, limits on daily or weekly rates. All this also makes one doubt the honesty of this business.


But all of the above problems are now solved thanks to the use of modern technologies. BitGoals is a platform built on blockchain technology, is a decentralized system. Thanks to the use of crypto currency, all payments become instant, and transactions are transparent. The owner of the company will not be able to block your wallet in the system or refuse a particularly large amount of payment. The risk of running into scammers is completely lost when playing BitGoals. This site does not work with the usual, centralized currency, but with its own system of tokens - STP - Sports Token Protocol - a crypto currency designed specifically to reward players for sports betting. Also, decentralization ensures the security of your personal data!

All payments to BitGoals are carried out anonymously through blockchain, and your personal data is not stored in the database of the site, from which hackers and hackers can steal, who are always happy to profit from the contents of the bookmaker sites. This item is important, because intruders can easily become owners of your passport data. As a result, they take micro loans in online cash desks, register with your data on various dating sites and carry out illegal actions with them, sell scans of your passport to strangers. Registration for BitGoals does not take long, it's also a small plus because you can immediately start earning without a two-day waiting for account confirmation!


By registering once in the BitGoals betting system, you will be able to make contributions to a huge number of sporting events - football, tennis, hockey, basketball, golf, motor sports. Even the Olympic games are on the BitGoals list. You can even bet on poker - all in a single STP currency and using a single account!

A team of only six people is working on the project! You will not work to feed a huge staff of company advisors who only do that they do nothing, collecting a huge commission from you. The staff includes several talented programmers and PR managers engaged in advertising and attracting new participants to the project. The project team has many well-known sponsors, partner relations with various reliable companies.

At the moment the platform is in the beta development stage - bug fixes, new sports are added and the user interface is improved. Road map is calculated until 2019, and in 2018 there will be several major changes.


The uniqueness of the article here - 100 %

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