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At the present stage of the development of marketing, the promotion of a product or service via e-mail is becoming increasingly popular. It is predicted that by 2025 the e-mail marketing market will exceed 23 billion dollars.In order to form the most effective system of e-mail alerts, Triggmine team created a platform, which is an automated mechanism for promotion of the product by mail. Triggmine represents the next level in the development of e-mail marketing, achieved through the use of blocking technology. 

Users (sellers of goods / services) no longer need to manually configure lists of potential buyers, create databases and prepare mailing lists - all this is handled by an intelligent system based on customer data.

All you need to do is connect your store to the Triggmine application. After integration, the system analyzes the business, customers and transaction history in order to offer the optimal solution for using e-mail distribution. Thus, Triggmine helps each user to increase their customer base. The application simplifies the process of electronic marketing and helps the business build trust with customers and increase sales.


  • The business model is not new, but the advantages of using blocking technology on the face.
  • The team has practical experience in the technological and business spheres. 
  • The ICO structure does not cause any concern, however, the team does not block its tokens.
  • Whitepaper is written qualitatively and contains all the necessary information on the ICO.
  • The community actively supports the project, communication is active. 

Structure of ICO:Hard cap - 15 000 ETH (~ $ 7.7 million)ICO start date - June 11, ICO end date - July 11 

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