Block project Horyou - profitable investment in good deeds

Today, social networks have entangled their webs of billions of Internet users around the world. At all on hearing such giants as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vkontakte. Due to the huge popularity of social media can exert an unusually strong influence on our lives and be a powerful incentive for both positive and negative changes in society.
Daily flipping through news channels, I have a strong impression that more than 90 percent of events in the world are negative events. Such a bias towards the negative horrifies!
To balance the negative bowl and bring positive changes to this world is called, according to its creator, Jonathan Parenti, the Internet platform Horyou.

What is Horyo?

Horyou is an international company that aims to support and promote social change in the world. The platform already has its own history: it has been functioning for almost 5 years since the end of 2013. Its activities serve the fulfillment of 17 global sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations for the period up to 2030.

Horyou encourages the whole world to join the good on its unique platform The Internet platform connects positively-minded people who can share ideas, inspire and support each other, and distribute good positive news, unlike most other social networks. It is conceived that the platform will serve as a platform for social projects and for supporting the actions of its users in the public good in the world.
The Horyou platform is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the positive changes of this world. Anyone who wishes can have the opportunity to become a part of her friendly community. During its existence the platform has already united more than 250 thousand users and 1,5 thousand organizations from more than 180 countries of the world.
Registration on the platform is simple and absolutely free. The website offers 3 forms of registration: for non-profit organizations, foundations and associations, for users who want to find intercourse on interests, create high-quality content and seek a positive experience for experts who have experience and influence in any field of activity. The user-friendly interface and navigation on the site does not cause any difficulties.

Summarizing the above, the platform is ideal for everyone:

who wants to communicate and share positive news and actions, inspiring others with their own example;
who wants to benefit people and carry daily positive changes in the world;
who has the desire to engage in charity on an ongoing basis;
who means to implement their social projects.
Horyou suggests changing life around the world by infecting people with positive things through specific actions. In my opinion, an interesting and innovative idea.

Blocking and charity. How and why together?

As you know, blocking technology makes it possible to solve many old problems more effectively. It has sufficient potential to fundamentally change society.

Association of charity and technology of blockade:

  • guarantees verifiability, transparency and reliability;
  • helps to reduce transaction costs;
  • helps to more efficiently distribute and track payments;
  • increases the trust in charitable projects and organizations.

In order to support social initiatives and social entrepreneurship, Horyou launches its HoryouToken token, built on the concept of "blockade with a goal".

HoryouToken can be used as a method:

reward members of the community for the exchange of positive news and deeds.
payment for the purchase and support of social activities both on the basis of Horyou and beyond.
promoting charity on and off the Horyou platform.
means of buying or selling goods that increase social benefits, on the upcoming Horyou market.
HoryouToken will be able to solve many of the problems faced by social entrepreneurs and investors looking for social projects for financing. It will serve the social good, as well as provide transparency and increase the level of confidence in all operations on the Horyou platform.

In addition to acting on the Internet to implement its goals, Horyou organizes events open to all: the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF), which brings together members of various charitable foundations, non-profit organizations, social start-ups; the village of Horyou at the Cannes Film Festival. Horyou also has a Live & Dream program, a blog, a web TV channel, a magazine and the Horyou Foundation.

Characteristics of the ICO project

Terms - from 18.06 to 18.08.2018 (noon on UTC)
Token - HoryouToken
Base platform: Etrherium
Standard token: ERC-20
Total tokens: 18 billion
For sale: 3.6 billion
Price of one token: 0.03 €
Soft cap - 2M CHF (target already achieved)
Hard cap - 108 million €
Tokens can be purchased for ETH, BTC, ADA, EUR, CHF.

So, it's time to understand that technology can be of use. By accentuating people's attention on positive events and inspiring them with positive examples, the whole world can be changed.
The project Horyou is interesting primarily for its innovative social orientation, it will be useful for people and society, secondly, the company has a long history and experience; thirdly, the project has already collected soft cap, which speaks of the interest of investors. All this speaks in favor of the project and is its serious application for success.

To get acquainted with the project, you can click on the links:

Official site -
White paper -
Telegram -


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